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Obama Heading West to Counter His Energy Critics

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President Obama this week will wend his way through Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Ohio to explain why he has little power to lower gasoline prices, and why he has a long-term energy strategy that he believes can reduce the effects of pump price fluctuations in the long term. When would the president's strategy pay off? The benefits of Obama's approach are ongoing, the White House said Monday, even if gasoline prices keep rising because of global market activity out of the president’s control.

March 9, 2012

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Mitt Romney won big on Super Tuesday, giving him more than 35% of the delegates needed to clinch the nomination. But Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul stay defiant, continuing their campaigns as the race focuses on Mississippi and Alabama next Tuesday. What's next? Joining Gwen: Jeff Zeleny, New York Times; Beth Reinhard, National Journal; Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times.


Romney’s Rivals Have Scant Hope of Closing the Delegate Gap

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Though Mitt Romney’s opponents continue to insist there is a road to the Republican presidential nomination for them after the Super Tuesday contests, the arithmetic suggests otherwise. How long it will take for the other contenders and their supporters to figure that out — and to make peace with it — is another question.
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Santorum and Romney Court Blue-Collar Voters in Ohio

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If Mitt Romney defeats Rick Santorum in the bellwether primary here on Tuesday, it will be in no small part because he managed to win over one of the most hotly contested and elusive segments of the electorate: white working-class voters. At a metal works in Canton and a welding factory in Youngstown, in mailboxes and on the radio, Mr.

PBS NewsHour: Political Checklist: It's 'Down to the Wire' in Ohio for Super Tuesday

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NewsHour Political Editor Christina Bellantoni speaks with senior correspondents Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill about the most important prizes in the Super Tuesday contests.

5 Things to Watch For On Super Tuesday

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At the end of a long evening of introductions and speeches, President Clinton used to like to say that everything had been said, but everyone had not yet said it.

If you follow politics, you already may have read all the pre-game analysis you can stand in advance of the pivotal Super Tuesday primaries.

What? You say you haven’t? Then, please allow me.

Mitt Romney's Super Tuesday Push

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CNBC's John Harwood has the update on the candidates poll results and the whether or not GOP candidate Mitt Romney, in the lead with 38 percent, can win the nomination.

Political Landscape: Ohio

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Of the states holding primaries on Super Tuesday, among most closely watched is Ohio. Ohio has 66 of the 419 delegates awarded next week and has seen a slew of negative advertising by candidates and Super PACs. Rick Santorum is leading in the polls, but Mitt Romney has scored some key endorsements from local politicians. Karen Kasler of Ohio Public Television previews the primary.

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Romney Campaign Downplays Ohio's Importance

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After eking out a slim victory in his home state of Michigan, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's campaign said Thursday the front-runner for the party's nomination can survive a loss next week in the critical state of Ohio.
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Romney Appeals for Working-Class Votes in Ohio

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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney appealed for the support of working-class Americans in industrial Ohio on Wednesday, a day after narrowly averting a humiliating defeat by rival Rick Santorum in Romney's home state of Michigan.
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