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5 Things To Watch For In Florida

Gwen's Take

For some reason in modern politics, it always seems to come down to Florida. It is an irresistible destination. The northern panhandle is a sweet piece of the South. The I-4 corridor---where half the state's registered Republican voters live---slashes the state in half east to west, along the way connecting the two huge media markets of Tampa and Orlando. The east and west coasts are home to vast swaths of northeastern retirees, including a robust and engaged Jewish population.

Obama's "We Can't Wait" Juggling Act

On The Radar

As President Obama visited Orlando, Fla., on Thursday to describe an initiative to expand international tourism to the United States, Vice President Biden was in Reno, Nev., to discuss the economic hazards of rising college tuitions. As Obama flew on Air Force One later in the day to New York City for four campaign fundraising events, Biden traveled to Los Angeles for an economic event with business leaders, plus another fundraiser.
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