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Convention Challenge: VIP Speakers Who Send Wrong Message

Essential Reads

Pity the organizers of the Democratic and Republican conventions this year. The host governors -- Bev Perdue in North Carolina and Rick Scott in Florida --happen to be two of the least popular state executives in the country. But geographic protocols demand that they address the convention hall. What to do?

The Road to the White House: Gutting it Out

Gwen's Take

Michael Dukakis was the first politician I ever heard describe the Presidential campaign as a “marathon, not a sprint.” But he was not the last.

Since the first campaign I covered in 1988, I’ve always been sort of impressed by candidates who – win or lose—just hang in there.

Sometimes it is unfathomable. Hopefuls stay on the trail long after their viability has been expended, as a race for the White House morphs into a campaign to get politics’ ultimate consolation prize -- a speaking role at the party’s nominating convention.

Santorum Channeling Pat Buchanan Faces a Changed New Hampshire

On The Radar

Rick Santorum, working to channel the populist success of Patrick Buchanan in New Hampshire, may be unable to recreate the coalition he needs to finish strong in the state’s Jan. 10 Republican presidential primary. Buchanan scored an upset win in New Hampshire (GSPSNH)’s 1996 primary by consolidating a group of working-class voters stressed over threats to manufacturing jobs and a smaller bloc of anti-abortion Catholics.