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GOPs Campaign in Louisiana

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CNBC's John Harwood has the story on GOP hopefuls gearing up for the Louisiana primary as some are calling for candidates to drop out.

Politics By The Numbers: Countdown to Chaos

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Almost every Tuesday night this year, political junkies everywhere have gathered by the flickering light of their computer screens. We have pored over exit polls, tallied the minutes until results came in from Vermont to Hawaii and crunched delegate allocations.

Invariably, we wake Wednesday morning at least as confused as we were the day before.

Obama-Romney Race Toss-Up in Poll Showing Independents Critical

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A strengthening economy and a contentious Republican primary have not translated into a wave of support for President Barack Obama, who runs even in a matchup against his likely challenger, Mitt Romney. Obama and Romney are backed by 47 percent of likely general election voters, while the president outruns the other Republican candidates, a Bloomberg National Poll conducted March 8-11 shows.
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Home Is Where the Candidate Has to Win

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Resolved: It is really, really important for presidential candidates to win their home states. Pride is on the line, obviously, but a loss on native ground begs a legitimate question: If the candidate can’t win here, why should voters believe the candidate can win anywhere else? In 2012, the stakes are even higher than usual because the Republican primary contest is so volatile.
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Mitt Romney Survives Michigan Primary, Looks to Super Tuesday

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February was supposed to be Mitt Romney’s month, a time when he could put distance between himself and his rivals for the Republican nomination with a series of contests on generally friendly terrain. Instead it turned into a grinding endurance test far more difficult than anything he or his campaign had imagined.
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Michigan and Arizona: Bruising GOP Primaries Brighten Obama’s Prospects

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When President Obama accused Republicans who opposed the auto industry bailout of peddling a “load of you know what,” he might have been describing the residue in Michigan and Arizona for Republicans now that the two primaries are over. Obama is in better shape in both states since the GOP circus came to town, with higher favorable ratings than before and with an elevated profile among key constituencies, like blue-collar voters and women who have new appreciation of his handling of the auto bailouts and the contraception issue.

PBS NewsHour: If Romney Loses Michigan, 'All Bets Are Off'

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Ahead of crucial primaries in Michigan and Arizona, GOP hopeful Mitt Romney focused on federal spending while Rick Santorum said religion should play a wider role in public policy. Gwen Ifill discusses the state of the GOP primary battle with USA Today's Susan Page and The Rothenberg Political Report's Stuart Rothenberg.

I’m One of You! No, Really!

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Mitt Romney reminds voters at every campaign stop in Michigan that he is a local boy. He points out school friends, the cemetery where his parents are buried—his father picked the plot because it was the cheapest—and talks about vacations they took in his family’s rambler. In Traverse City on Sunday, he delighted the packed house on how he stole his first kiss from his wife Ann on a beach down the road. It seems to be working.

Tight Race in Michigan

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Polls show Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum in a close race for Michigan’s Tuesday primary. Jeff Zeleny reports.
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Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum (CNN)

Conventional Wisdom

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Disney may be in Orlando, but in Republican Party politics, Tampa is the home of Fantasyland. That's where the GOP convention will be held the week of Aug. 27. As the Republican race appears more likely to stretch into spring (or beyond), journalists and political operatives have started to imagine make-believe scenarios for what might happen if GOP delegates show up with funny hats, pins, and suntan lotion but no confirmed nominee.