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After Obama’s reelection, overtures from Republicans on debt negotiations

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Less than 24 hours after the election, President Obama and congressional leaders moved with alacrity Wednesday to show flexibility in solving the nation’s biggest economic problems and recast Washington’s often divisive politics.

Obama's Re-Election Woes

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Depending on what degree the European crisis hits U.S. exports, and depending on the severity of the so-called fiscal cliff, the U.S. GDP could face a huge decrease. Sam Seder, "Majority Report" host; Tony Fratto, former White House deputy press secretary; Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post; and CNBC's John Harwood, offer insight.

Obama Still Crushing Romney in Spanish Media

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Another day, another set of Spanish-language ads from President Obama's re-election campaign. This third batch will boost an investment already estimated at $1 million since mid-April, in contrast to Mitt Romney's meager $13,000 in Spanish media so far.

Biden Plays Attack Dog on Bain

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For the first time, Vice President Joe Biden is expected to take up a leading attack against presumptive nominee Mitt Romney in the general election: Romney's record at the private equity firm Bain Capital. A manufacturing plant in Youngstown, Ohio will offer the optics for today's assault on Romney's practice of taking over struggling companies and in some cases, walking away with multimillion-dollar profits while the employees got sacked. In other cases (frequently overlooked by Obama's campaign), the companies thrived.

Obama to Launch Campaign With Ohio, Va. Rallies

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Ohio and Virginia -- he's back! President Obama and wife Michelle will officially launch the president's re-election campaign May 5 with rallies in Columbus and Richmond, his campaign announced Wednesday.

Warmth of Campus Spotlight Beckons Obama Back

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The arenas are rocking, the students are whooping and President Obama is feeling the love. “I love you back, I really do!” he calls out to thousands of young people packed to the rafters. When one shouts, “We believe in you!” he yells back, “I believe in you!” When he emphasizes a point, he calls out, “Can I get an amen?” For a president facing a tough re-election and a stubborn economy, there is no better amen corner, no more invigorating audience, than on campus.

Obama's "Road" Commercial: Paved With Bombast

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The 17-minute Obama commercial titled "The Road We've Traveled," released Thursday night to great fanfare by the president's campaign, could have carried a subtitle much like this: "How an underappreciated president with a big heart and stiff spine saved the world, kept his promises, delivered enduring change, and is poised to do more if voters only realize what's at stake."
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Obama’s Super Paranoia

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In Obamaland, the 3 a.m. phone call has become the 3 a.m. e-mail. In their own way, both speak to a crisis mentality and a groping for security. The contexts couldn’t be more different, but the anxiety—real and imagined—is no less genuine. To review, the 3 a.m. phone call was in a TV ad Hillary Rodham Clinton ran against Obama in the heat of the Texas and Ohio primaries in 2008. It asked voters to ponder the fate of America if Barack Obama were president and a national crisis struck in the middle of the night.

Answering Those Super Tuesday Questions

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Remember those five things we asked you to watch Tuesday night? It turns out the voters decided to raise more questions than even we had.

But here are the things we were watching for:

Obama Mines for Voters With High-Tech Tools

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With a “chief scientist” specializing in consumer behavior, an “analytics department” monitoring voter trends, and a squad of dozens huddled at computer screens editing video or writing code, the sprawling office complex inside One Prudential Plaza looks like a corporate research and development lab — Ping-Pong table and all.
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