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Gingrich Has Strong Lead over Romney in South Carolina

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Newt Gingrich has a commanding lead over Mitt Romney in South Carolina, according to a new poll, results that come as the former Georgia Congressman has gained momentum in other key early states. The Winthrop University poll results, based on interviews with more than 1,000 registered voters in the Palmetto state, show Gingrich grabbing 38 percent of the vote and Mitt Romney lagging by double digits at 22 percent.

Will Cain Endorse Gingrich?

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With Herman Cain out of the race for the GOP nomination, pundits and politicos are turning their attention to which of his former competitors the plain-spoken former pizza executive might endorse. Speculation is focused on Newt Gingrich, who like Cain hails from Georgia and who was the most effusive of all the Republican hopefuls in praising Cain after the announcement Saturday that he was suspending his campaign.

Tough Guys on Illegal Immigration

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"I believe in the idea of amnesty for those who have put down roots and lived here, even though some time back they may have entered illegally." That was Ronald Reagan speaking during his 1984 reelection campaign. After that election, he stuck to his guns, signing an immigration reform law that allowed illegal immigrants to apply for residency if they could prove they'd lived in the country for five years, held jobs and committed no crimes.

Can Romney Prevail if Few Are Excited About Him?

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Talk to any Republican leaders or strategists and they will quickly point to the enthusiasm gap between their voters and President Obama’s as one reason they believe they will prevail next November. Listen to any Republican voters and a different enthusiasm gap appears. They are not truly excited about any of their likeliest nominees, least of all Mitt Romney. The former Massachusetts governor is rapidly becoming a one-man political experiment, testing the theory that empathy and the ability to connect with voters are prerequisites for a winning campaign.

The Endless GOP Audition for President

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It's an audition without end, because the Republicans still can't figure out how to cast the lead role. Here's how the internal discussion goes: We need someone who is a true conservative. We need someone who is right on the matters we care about -- the deficit, immigration, cultural issues. We need someone we can trust, who won't betray us. And, by the way, we also need someone who can win.

Republican Leaders Still Seem Torn About Romney

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Republican leaders remain bullish about their party’s chances of winning the White House, but after spending much of this year unsuccessfully trying to recruit new candidates, they are coming to the conclusion that their eventual nominee will carry substantial flaws into the general election. A month before the first round of voting begins, with the top of the field seeming to take shape, many Republicans remain torn over whether to back Mitt Romney and still want to see how Newt Gingrich or another alternative develops.

The Tax Cut Debate: The Latest Train Wreck Waiting To Happen

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As I prepared for a PBS NewsHour discussion about the prospects of extending and expanding the year-old payroll tax holiday, I knew the challenges that lay ahead. And that was before the Senate confirmed my pessimism by rejecting not one, but two, proposals to grant Americans year-end tax relief late Thursday.

This time, I hoped for a little more nuance. After all, both sides say they agree that now is not the time to allow a tax cut to lapse that has saved many families as much as $1,000 this year. Plus, the proposal now on the table would boost those savings to $1,500, while cutting payroll taxes for small businesses as well. What’s not to like at holiday time?

In 2012 GOP race, governors stay on sidelines

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Less than five weeks before the first votes are cast in Iowa, Republican governors are still on the sidelines in the contest to decide who their presidential nominee will be in 2012. Only a few governors have endorsed a candidate in the Republican race. The hesitance of the others suggests that, like many Republican voters, they have yet to find an ideal candidate. But in remaining neutral, the governors may be squandering the potential to have a significant influence in the outcome.

GOP governors worry Obama might escape his woes

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Republican governors, who swept to big victories last year, think President Barack Obama faces huge political obstacles. But they're hardly brimming with confidence about the 2012 election. Meeting this week in Florida, GOP governors and their advisers fret that their party could lose its advantage on the tax-cut issue by appearing too eager to protect the rich.

PBS NewsHour: How Would Payroll Tax Extensions Be Funded?

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President Obama wants to extend a payroll tax cut and many Republicans do too, but both sides are far apart on how to get it done. Gwen Ifill discusses how the extension could be funded with White House National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling and Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo.