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PBS NewsHour: What Do New Hampshire's Voters Want in a Republican Nominee?

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The entire Republican presidential field will share a stage Saturday in Manchester, N.H., for the first of two weekend debates. But what are Granite State voters looking for in a GOP nominee? Gwen Ifill spoke with five Republican and Independent voters in New Hampshire.

On the Road in New Hampshire

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Romney Fights High Expectations in New Hampshire Primary

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Every New Hampshire presidential primary is different from the others, and that is certainly the case this year. So far, it is the least-dramatic contested Republican primary in three decades. For Mitt Romney, that’s both a blessing and a possible curse. The former Massachusetts governor flew out of the state Thursday for an overnight campaign trip to South Carolina, leaving the Granite State to rivals Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Jon Huntsman Jr. (Ron Paul was away.)

Why Perry Chose to Keep Running for President

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Even Rick Perry's top advisers thought it was over. After the Texas governor finished fifth in the Iowa caucuses on Tuesday night, Perry's staff and volunteers gathered around the bar in a Des Moines hotel to say goodbyes, drink beer and mourn what appeared to be the end of his quest for the Republican nomination for president.
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Romney’s the Target, but His GOP Opponents Keep Attacking One Another in N.H.

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All of the Republican presidential candidates not named Mitt Romney have been trying desperately to make the case that they can beat President Obama this fall, hoping to blunt Romney’s electability argument that he is the only one in the race who can do that. But on Thursday, in town hall meetings and other campaign stops across New Hampshire, where Romney leads by double-digit margins in most polls, the “not-Romneys” kept getting distracted by the urge to turn on one another.

Will Compromise Hurt or Help Santorum in Campaign?

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During his time in Congress, Rick Santorum worked within the system, not against it. How Santorum fares could answer a key question about what kind of conservative Republicans are looking for. Naftali Bendavid has details on Campaign Journal.

PBS NewsHour: Huntsman: Republicans Are 'Splintered' Over Foreign Policy, Spending Cuts

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GOP presidential hopeful and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman said he's optimistic about next week's primary in New Hampshire -- a state he's staked his entire candidacy on so far. Gwen Ifill spoke with Huntsman in Manchester.

New Hampshire: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

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Northfield, NH – The scene is a rustic old building perched on a pretty river in the center of the state. The walls are knotty pine and the pot-bellied stoves are putting out real heat.

It is standing room only in the middle of the day and the middle of the week, and everybody is there for…Rick Santorum.

Paul's Foreign Policy Views Not So 'Dangerous'

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Ron Paul’s opponents in the race for the Republican presidential nomination don’t mince words about his foreign policy views. Mitt Romney says Paul would endanger Israel and that he “thinks it’s OK for Iran to have a nuclear weapon.” Newt Gingrich describes Paul as “stunningly dangerous” and bluntly says he wouldn’t vote for the Texas congressman.
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Ron Paul’s Surprising Appeal for Religious Conservatives (cont’d.)

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In a post here on Monday, I noted the surprising number of religious conservatives I was running into at Ron Paul’s events in Iowa. It doesn’t immediately make sense that they would be drawn to a libertarian who espouses drug legalization and who doesn’t think the government has any business getting involved in marriage.