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President Nixon's Resignation

Vault Show

Forty years ago, on August 9, 1974, Richard Nixon became the only United States president to resign from office. On the 15th anniversary episode of Washington Week in 1982, we looked back at the fallout from Watergate, Nixon's decision to step down, and the former president's connection to PBS and Washington Week. As longtime moderator Paul Duke tells us, the Nixon administration pushed to cut off federal funding for PBS news programs including Washington Week. And as Paul recounts, Washington Week survived, and Nixon ultimately resigned.

Washington’s 100-Degree Day of Contempt, Constitutionality & the Rule of Law

Gwen's Take

I can say quite honestly that Thursday was among the most dramatic days I’ve ever seen unfold in Washington.

Understanding that I was too young to witness the Kennedy funeral or the Nixon resignation firsthand, watching the Supreme Court uphold a sweeping health care law hours before the House of Representatives voted to find an attorney general in contempt of Congress -- for the first time ever--- was riveting.

History's Romance: Why Politics Past Beats Politics Present

Gwen's Take

Is it just my imagination, or have politics and politicians grown smaller?

I've been flirting with this conclusion after diving into two enjoyable presidential history books by night while covering 2012 politics by day. The books, Robert Caro's "The Passage of Power" and "The President's Club" by Michael Duffy and Nancy Gibbs, take us inside the West Wing in a way screenwriter Aaron Sorkin’s fictional White House never could.

Covering the oil disaster

Gwen's Take

As President Obama struggled to assert control over what is clearly an uncontrollable situation, I had the chance to assess the unspooling oil disaster dilemma this week by talking to folks living with it, and folks watching from afar.

If White House officials listened to either conversation, they will detect that their greatest enemy may be the uncapped well, but the second greatest is despair.

February 26, 1982

Vault Show

Washington Week celebrates its 15-year anniversary in the last week of February, 1982. A true walk down memory lane with Paul Duke, Peter Lisagor, Haynes Johnson, Jack Nelson, Hedrick Smith and Charles McDowell among others.