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At Debate, GOP Candidates Take Aim at Obama, But Also Hit Bush

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The eight Republican presidential candidates who took part in the first foreign policy debate lobbed rhetorical grenades at President Obama, alternately accusing him of bankrupting the U.S., putting the CIA under the control of the ACLU, threatening Israel’s security and failing to stop Iran’s nuclear program.

Can Gingrich seize an unexpected moment?

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Newt Gingrich strolled onto the campus of Furman University in Greenville eight hours ahead of Saturday's Republican debate looking very pleased. A campaign that once seemed to have passed him by has come full circle. Can he take advantage of an opportunity that almost no one, except the former speaker, might have expected?

GOP candidates hammer Obama on his Iran policy during South Carolina debate

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With the International Atomic Energy Agency warning in a new report that Iran may be proceeding with developing a nuclear weapon the leading Republican candidates for president accused President Obama of not being forceful enough to prevent that from happening.

November 11, 2011

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GOP presidential candidates debate the economic recovery. Rick Perry's memory lapse. Herman Cain's harassment scandal.  A Newt Gingrich surge?  What's motivating U.S. voters? The potential impact of the Euro debt crisis on America. US. Pete Williams hosts with: John Harwood, CNBC/New York Times; Michael Duffy, TIME; Karen Tumulty, Washington Post; Greg Ip, The Economist.

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The GOP Debate in Under 5 Minutes

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We watched Wednesday's whole GOP Presidential debate at Oakland University in Auburn Hills, Michigan, for you and condensed it down to the most important 5 minutes.

GOP presidential candidates: former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, Rep. Michele Bachmann, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, businessman Herman Cain, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Rep. Ron Paul, and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman.

Will Perry’s gaffe doom his campaign?

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Rick Perry, who bounded onto the national stage with a Texas swagger, strident talk of bulldozing Washington and rooting out Ponzi schemes, got something last night that he probably never imagined he would get — pity from Michele Bachmann.

An ‘Oops’ From Perry in G.O.P. Presidential Debate

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A day after an embarrassing stumble raised new questions about his presidential candidacy, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas said Thursday that he had no intention of leaving the race, and he tried using humor to deflect a fresh round of stinging Republican criticism.

November 4, 2011

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Alleged harassment scandals continue to dog Republican presidential frontrunner Herman Cain, as the other GOP candidates consider how to handle the controversy. Plus a discussion on the global economy, Greece, the G20 meetings, and new U.S. job numbers. Joining Gwen: John Harris, Politico; Chuck Babington, Associated Press; Alexis Simendinger, RealClearPolitics; Jim Tankersley, National Journal.

DNC highlights Romney’s support of ‘personhood’ bill

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The Democratic National Committee is hitting Mitt Romney over his support of life at conception legislation, which is on the ballot in Mississippi, and could crop up on ballots across the country.

Perry Presses for Second Look From Early Voters

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With time running short before the first votes are cast in the Republican presidential contest, Gov.  Rick Perry of Texas is urgently trying to convince voters that his candidacy warrants a second look. He is retooling his campaign with a newly emphatic anti-Washington message and steering the race into a sharper ideological contrast with Mitt Romney.