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Rick Perry moves to recharge campaign with flat-tax plan and new hires

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Welcome to Rick Perry 2.0.   The Republican Texas governor is retooling his presidential campaign, shuffling staff and touting a bold but controversial new tax plan, hoping to rebound from a recent plunge in the polls.

Rick Perry's flat tax plan is a political gamble

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry's call for a flat income tax rate will tie his Republican presidential campaign to a contentious issue that excites many conservatives but has repeatedly failed to win the embrace of mainstream America.

The Next Flat Tax Plan

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Texas Governor Rick Perry plans to unveil his flat tax plan next week.  John Harwood previews the plan.

Rick Perry called Herman Cain “brother.” Why?

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When Rick Perry, who has been dogged by allegations of racial insensitivity because of a hunting camp his family leased, called Herman Cain, the only black person on the Las Vegas debate stage Tuesday night “brother,” he raised a racial antennae among some viewers.

Bad Blood Between Perry and Romney Is Longstanding

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The hostilities flaring between Mitt Romney and Gov. Rick Perry of Texas have been steadily rising inside both camps and may signal a new, more combative phase in the Republican presidential campaign.

After sharp GOP debate, campaign shifts focus

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After five debates in six weeks, the race for the Republican presidential nomination will soon shift to a new phase, one focused on states with early primaries and caucuses and dominated by retail campaign skills and television commercials rather than by prepared sound bites and testy exchanges on a debate stage.

Miss Nevada outshines Romney

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Mitt Romney wasn’t the big star at a campaign rally under a blazing Nevada sun at an office park a few miles off the Las Vegas strip.  Tim Pawlenty, a former rival for the Republican presidential nomination who has endorsed Romney and is with this week in Nevada, wasn’t really the star either.

Republican Debate: Five Things to Watch

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If it seems like it was just a week ago that eight Republican presidential candidates sat around a table for a debate, that’s because it was just a week ago. But with tonight’s CNN/Western Republican Leadership Conference debate, which starts at 8 pm EST, the iron-man-like gauntlet of back-to-back fall debates ends and the candidates won’t have face-to-face meetings until next month. So tonight, the candidates will have two hours to make an impression and land a punch, before another round of debates begins.

Gingrich: Romney's Rockefeller Problem

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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has a new take on Mitt Romney’s challenge in cementing his status as frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination. It’s not that he’s a flip flopper. It’s not that he’s a Mormon. It’s his Nelson Rockefeller problem.  Read more

The Danger of The Sweeping Conclusion

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Breaking News: Herman Cain has endorsed Mitt Romney.

If that's news to you, it's because it happened four years ago. Thanks to Conor Friedersdorf at the Atlantic for the reminder that everything old is new again.