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Romney inevitable? Perry weighs TV ads to slow him

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Mitt Romney seems firmly in command in a Republican presidential field that hasn't figured out how to stop him. Twelve weeks before the first party voting, the GOP establishment is coalescing around the former Massachusetts governor. He has more campaign experience, money and organization than anyone else.

Romney Looks Past Rivals as Debate Focuses on Economy

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Mitt Romney offered a robust defense of the health care plan he signed as governor of Massachusetts and sought to look beyond his Republican presidential rivals at a debate here Tuesday night by presenting himself as the leader who is best prepared to take on President Obama.

With an Eye on Both Obama and Perry, Romney Wades into Foreign Policy Debate

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When Mitt Romney delivers what his campaign is billing as a major foreign policy address Friday, he will face a pair of difficult challenges: differentiating himself enough from the Obama administration’s handling of national security to avoid antagonizing Republican primary voters, while simultaneously avoiding the kinds of extreme positions which could harm him in a general election.

Beyond Rick Perry hunting camp, offensive names litter U.S. landscape

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The revelation that Rick Perry’s family leased a hunting camp commonly known in rural Texas by a little-known racial epithet raises these questions: How many such places exist and where are they? The short answer is all across the country, not only in people’s memories, but also listed as such on maps, mostly in rural areas, according to a scholar who studies place names.

The GOP Race to the White House

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 The details on whether New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will run for the Republican seat in 2012.

Rick Perry slips, Herman Cain rises in bid for GOP nomination, poll finds

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 After a quick rise in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has experienced an almost equally dramatic decline, losing about half of his support over the past month, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

PBS NewsHour: Political Checklist: Shifting GOP Primary Calendar and Rick Perry's Sign Problem

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Senior correspondents Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill and Political Editor David Chalian are back for another edition of the Political Checklist. This week they consider whether the accelerated Republican primary calendar benefits the front-runner candidates at the expense of candidates who need more time to make their case to Republican voters.

They also discuss a potential problem for Texas Gov. Rick Perry's campaign: The Washington Post has a story about the presence of a racially charged sign on a stone outside of a property Perry rented for hunting for many years in Texas. Judy thinks this will be a problem for the campaign, while Gwen questions why the Perrys didn't remove the rock.

Confronting the GOP, Obama Brandishes the Politics of Science

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When President Obama mocked Rick Perry on Sunday for suggesting that climate change is a fiction while Texas battled wildfires and drought, the president's remarks got plenty of attention.   Read more

Longing for a Knight: Isn’t Someone Going to Ride To The Rescue?

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It took a proud Jersey girl in the audience--- now living in California and quoting her Italian mother--- to declare what some Republicans across the country are saying to Chris Christie. “She told me to tell you. You gotta run for President,” the woman said. Many reporters wanted to know how he’d respond to that as well.

Perry's Not the Only GOP Star to Support Tuition Breaks for Illegal Immigrants' Kids

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With Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry under attack for supporting tuition breaks for children of illegal immigrants, former Gov. Jeb Bush on Tuesday offered some solidarity by calling a similar proposal in Florida “fair policy."  Read more