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Sandy Hook and the Politics of Pain

Gwen's Take

I think it's fair to say we have all been crying for a week.

Watching the faces of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting scroll by, in silence, at the end of the PBS NewsHour on Monday night was excruciating.

I tried to escape by Christmas shopping. Cashiers asked me what the shooter's mother was thinking.

December 14, 2012

Weekly Show

Gun control debate is again at the forefront after a tragic Conn. school shooting. Amidst continued fiscal cliff talks, Susan Rice chooses not to pursue the Secretary of State nomination. Plus, the U.S. recognizes the Syrian opposition. Joining Gwen: Reid Wilson, National Journal Hotline; Martha Raddatz, ABC News; David Sanger, New York Times; John Dickerson, Slate Magazine and CBS News.  

Stopping Gun Violence Starts With Obama

Essential Reads

This morning, children – young children – were killed in their elementary school by a gunman in quiet, suburban Connecticut. Three days ago, holiday shoppers were killed in a mall in suburban Portland. Two weeks ago, an NFL linebacker murdered his girlfriend and then killed himself at his team’s stadium.

After Sikh Killings, Obama Calls for "Soul-Searching"

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President Obama, reacting gingerly to the weekend's deadly shooting rampage at a Sikh temple near Milwaukee, steered clear of the gun control debate on Monday, emphasizing instead that "we are all one people and we look after one another and we respect one another."

Tulsa Shooting: Two Suspects Arrested

On The Radar

Race and revenge may have fueled the rampage that killed three African-Americans.

Afghanistan Shooting Suspect to Be Charged

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Staff Sgt. Robert Bales will be officially charged with 17 counts of murder.