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Mitt Romney’s chemistry experiment

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Mitt Romney’s risky gamble in naming Paul Ryan as his running mate will hinge on whether the Republican nominee can use the choice to reshape voter attitudes about his own character and leadership style, and avoid becoming ensnared in a defensive debate about Medicare and other popular programs. An initial rush of favorable polling or publicity in the next few days, if it comes, won’t mean much for the Republican nominee, according to strategists in both parties and veterans of previous campaigns.

Marco Rubio Is This Election’s Sarah Palin

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Marco Rubio is this year’s Sarah Palin. As a possible vice presidential pick, he is popular with the grassroots. He is an envoy to a key part of the electorate and has crossover political appeal. He has successfully bucked his party establishment, and those who have seen him work say he’s skilled. He’s an easy and talented campaigner, and he’d wow them in Tampa the way Palin did in St. Paul, Minn.* He is also fundamentally at odds with his potential running mate’s message and criteria for his vice president.

Back to the Drawing Board

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Mitt Romney still has only a bit more than half the delegates he’ll need to become the Republicans’ official nominee in Tampa this summer, but after his sweeping victories in Wisconsin, Maryland, and the District of Columbia, no one can any longer doubt that the nomination is—really, finally—his. Just ask that famously sloppy political operator Barack Obama, who has suddenly trained his sights on Romney as if the general election were well under way—which, come to think of it, it is.

5 Things To Watch For In Florida

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For some reason in modern politics, it always seems to come down to Florida. It is an irresistible destination. The northern panhandle is a sweet piece of the South. The I-4 corridor---where half the state's registered Republican voters live---slashes the state in half east to west, along the way connecting the two huge media markets of Tampa and Orlando. The east and west coasts are home to vast swaths of northeastern retirees, including a robust and engaged Jewish population.

PBS NewsHour: Tampa Faces Troubled Economic Recovery

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April 12, 2010

As part of the Spotlight City series in Tampa on how the economic crisis has affected attitudes toward government, Gwen Ifill talks to four Floridians about the unstable housing market, high unemployment rates, the soaring cost of living and the lack of access to education.