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Summer 2011 Reading List

Summer Reading List

Have you picked up your summer reading selections yet? Well check out the histories, mysteries, politics, policy and sports books that Gwen and some of our panelists are reading this summer. The list includes fiction and non-fiction, newly-released and some classic reads. Browse the list and see what the panelists are saying about their picks and maybe find something you'll enjoy.



March 18, 2011

Weekly Show

President Obama and the U.N. warn Moammar Gadhafi to stop military action against rebels or face consequences. Meanwhile, after the earthquake, tsunami and partial nuclear plant meltdown in Japan, the U.S. reviews nuclear safety and a look at the global economic impact of the disaster.  Joining Gwen: Tom Gjelten, NPR; Coral Davenport, National Journal; and David Wessel, Wall Street Journal.

March 11, 2011

Weekly Show

The panel looks at the developments in Libya, rising gas prices, the battles over the federal budget and the US assistance after the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.  Plus, we look at the life of our colleague and longtime Washington Week panelist, David Broder.  Gwen is joined by Dan Balz, The Washington Post, Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times and Karen Tumulty of The Washington Post.