Be A part of Washington Week

If you had a chance to talk to your congressman or any member of Congress about the issues important to you, your family, your community, what would you tell them and what questions might you ask?

Are you concerned about the economy, unemployment or maybe raising the minimum wage?

Are healthcare, gun control and/or immigration reform bigger concerns in your neighborhood?

Or maybe you and your family are interested in improving education standards or securing marriage equality -- whatever your issue, we want to hear from you!

We will be collecting viewer questions on the issues important to Americans outside the DC beltway all week for possible broadcast on our November 29 Washington Week program or the Washington Week Webcast Extra powered LIVE by Ustream.

The deadline is Monday, May 19 2014

Here are submission guidelines:

You can use your cellphone, tablet or digital camera

Keep your comment or question less than 30 seconds

Ensure the video looks and sounds good

State your name and hometown at the end of the video after your comment or question

Upload the video on Youtube and send us the link, or send your video file with the subject line "Voice of the Voters" to by May 19, 2013

Note: By submitting your video, you give consent to Washington Week to use it either on-air or on-line without consideration and that videos may be edited at the discretion of the Washington Week producers.