Open Letter: On the New Washington Week Graphics

Over the past two weeks, we have instituted a new look to Washington Week. However, we’ve gotten some feedback we wanted to address.

First some background:

The changes came out or a series of discussions about what could be done to both enhance the look of the program and provide additional information to our viewers on the topics that were the focus of our broadcast each week. We’re very conscious that the media landscape has changed significantly in the 46+ years that Washington Week has been on the air. The advent of the DVR and internet video streaming allows viewers to watch television on their schedules. Research tells us that destination television may be a thing of the past, and that some viewers may sample a program or even join it in progress. For these reasons we decided to include “banners” that could complement our discussion and help draw the viewers in.

After the first week, we received some feedback expressing concerns about how they might be distracting. So we made the transitions on-screen more subtle, and lowered the banner so it covered up less of the screen.

We certainly appreciate all the comments we received and want you to know that we take your observations seriously. We plan to evolve as you do.

We also appreciate your loyalty to the program and hope that the changes we make from time to time will help enrich your Washington Week viewing experience.

Chris Guarino
Senior Producer, Washington Week