On the Radar: August 16, 2010

Heated Rhetoric Gets No Vacation in Congress 
By Naftali Bendavid, The Wall Street Journal   
Congress's hot August recess has begun with rhetoric to match, with Democrats pummeling Republicans for wanting to trim Social Security, and Republicans hammering Democrats for favoring tax increases. Continue reading 

Voter Anger No Surprise to Democrats This Time
By Jeff Zeleny, The New York Times   
A year ago, dozens of protesters gathered outside the district office of Representative Ike Skelton, a Democrat who has represented a wide stretch of western Missouri since 1976. The anger they directed at health care legislation — and by extension most Congressional Democrats — left the party in a state of near panic. Continue reading

White House Reaffirms Afghan Strategy, Despite Petraeus Remarks
By Helene Cooper, The New York Times 
President Obama remains committed to beginning a withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan next July, a White House spokesman said on Monday, playing down recent remarks by the American military commander in Afghanistan that he might recommend a delay if conditions warrant. Continue reading...

Bobbing and Weaving to Avoid Taking the Hits   
By John Harwood, The New York Times     
Stimulus spending, government bailouts and a complex health care law can be heavy bricks in the backpacks of Democratic Congressional candidates.  Continue reading   

Desperate Democrats pin their hopes on scary Republicans  
By Dan Balz, The Washington Post      
Democrats have no illusions about what they're up against this fall: a terrible economic climate, a sour electorate and a sizable enthusiasm gap.       Continue reading   

Obama: Backing Muslims' right to build NYC mosque is not an endorsement
By Karen Tumulty and Michael D. Shear, The Washington Post    
One day after President Obama defended the freedom of Muslims to build an Islamic complex near New York's Ground Zero, he offered a less forceful version of that position on Saturday: Yes, Muslims have that right, Obama said -- but that doesn't mean he believes it is the right thing for them to do. Continue reading...

Posted: Mon, 08/16/2010 - 12:43pm