On the Radar: August 2, 2011

Deal Was Forged Over Choices And Chinese Food
By Jackie Calmes and Jennifer Steinhauer, The New York Times
Last Friday night, President Obama called Speaker John A. Boehner just after the Republican House leader had gotten his rebellious Republicans, on the third effort, to pass legislation to address the debt crisis. Read more

Giffords Returns, As Does Unity, Briefly
By Jeff Zeleny and Jennifer Steinhauer, The New York Times
With two minutes to go and roughly 20 votes needed to pass a bill to raise the nation’s debt limit, a smattering of applause rippled from a corner of the House chamber. After a few seconds of confusion, a flash of teal jacket could be seen almost floating among a sea of Democrats. Read more

Who Gains From Debt Deal? The Pentagon, For One
By Nancy A. Youssef, McClatchy Newspapers
The last-minute deal that Congress is considering to raise the federal debt limit probably will mean trillions of dollars in government spending reductions for most agencies. But one department stands to gain: the Pentagon. Read more

House Passes Historic Debt Deal On Eve Of Deadline
By Lori Montgomery and Paul Kane, The Washington Post
A plan to lift the nation’s debt limit and reduce government spending cleared a crucial hurdle in the House on Monday night, as recalcitrant Republicans and disappointed Democrats rallied around a measure to avert a government default. Read more

Senate To Vote On Debt Deal
By Eamon Javers, CNBC
CNBC's Eamon Javers has the details on the Congressional approval of the debt bill by today to avoid default. View

House Passes Debt Bill
By John Harwood, CNBC
House Democrats are evenly split on the debt deal, but the bill was passed 269-161. Insight with CNBC's John Harwood, who sheds light on the Senate vote today at noon. View

Romney Spurns Business Allies For Tea Party On Debt Deal
By Beth Reinhard, National Journal
By opposing the budget deal aimed at staving off government default, Mitt Romney put himself at odds with the constituency he claims to represent better than any other Republican presidential candidate: the business community. Read more

What The Debt-Ceiling Battle Means For 2012
By Karen Tumulty and Perry Bacon Jr, The Washington Post
To much of America, it may appear that the battle to lift the debt ceiling simply proved that Washington is broken. But as messy and ugly as it was, it also has been a clarifying moment — one that could define the terms of engagement of the 2012 election and shape the battle as one of two vastly different governing philosophies. Read more

American Troops Go Medieval For Knightly Protection
By Yochi J. Dreazen, National Journal
U.S. forces fighting the Taliban there have such futuristic weapons as missile-firing drones, bomb-detecting robots, and next-generation rifles capable of firing around walls. They will soon receive equipment that even knights would have recognized: armored cod pieces. Read more

Posted: Tue, 08/02/2011 - 12:00am