On the Radar: December 8, 2010

Obama struggles to keep Dems from killing tax cuts
By Stephen Ohlemacher and Charles Babington, Associated Press
President Barack Obama struggled Tuesday to prevent wholesale defections by fellow Democrats that could sink the tax deal he worked out with Republicans — angry opposition that could subject millions of Americans to a big holiday-season tax increase. Read more

Forced March
By John Dickerson, SLATE Magazine
President Obama rallies the base in two ways: by lifting them up, and lecturing them. An example of the first approach is his address last spring to House Democrats before the health care reform vote, when he talked of the common spark that led all of them to public service. Read more

Angry Democrats rebel against Obama’s tax-cut deal with Republicans
By Lori Montgomery and Shailagh Murray, The Washington Post
President Obama on Tuesday faced an uprising among angry Democrats who strongly opposed his deal with Republicans on tax cuts, opening a public rift that could prevent the White House from ending the year with a fresh dose of stimulus for the economy. Read more

Why Obama Can’t Shake Bush
By Ben Smith and John F. Harris, POLITICO
Tuesday’s deal to extend the deep 2001 tax cuts is the latest evidence of the remarkable durability of President George W. Bush’s policy legacy — one that constrains and confounds his successor at home and overseas even after two years in office. Read more

White House Confronts Liberal Rebellion Over Tax Deal
By Patrick O'Connor and Janet Hook, The Wall Street Journal
The White House launched an intensive campaign on Tuesday to sell members of its own party on the tax deal President Barack Obama cut with Republicans as angry Democrats blasted the package, calling it a capitulation to the GOP. Read more

Biden and GOP Leaders Helped Hammer Out Bipartisan Tax Accord
By Carl Hulse and Jackie Calmes, The New York Times
As a bipartisan group of Congressional tax writers opened widely watched negotiations last Wednesday over what to do about expiring tax cuts, a secret set of tax talks was taking place just steps off the Senate floor. Read more

More GOP Support for Arms Treaty
By Peter Baker, The New York Times
Another Republican senator signaled Tuesday that he may vote for the new arms control treaty with Russia if it comes up for a vote before the Senate adjourns for the year later this month. Read more

WikiLeaks Dodges Obstacles to Stay Online
By Tom Gjelten, NPR
If the enemies of WikiLeaks are hoping Tuesday's arrest of Julian Assange will bring an end to his organization's disclosure of government secrets, his attorney Mark Stephens is anxious to set them straight. Read more

BOP Traditionalists to Lead Panels
By Naftali Bendavid and Stephen Power, The Wall Street Journal
House Republican leaders cleared the way for two longtime traditionalist lawmakers to head powerful congressional committees over the objections of some tea-party and conservative activists. Read more



Posted: Wed, 12/08/2010 - 12:57pm