On the Radar: July 21, 2011

Push Intensifies For Larger Deal On Debt Impasse
By Jackie Calmes and Carl Hulse, The New York Times
With the clock ticking down, President Obama and Congressional leaders began a final effort to forge a broad deficit-reduction plan even as new cracks appeared among House Republicans over how to proceed. Read more

Obama Open To Debt-Cap Deal
By Janet Hook, Naftali Bendavid and Carol E. Lee, The Wall Street Journal
The White House encouraged congressional leaders to reach a major deficit-reduction deal by offering them a little more time, as they scrambled to find a way to prevent a government default in less than two weeks. Read more

As Debt Talks Intensify, Obama Opens Door To Short-Term Hike In Debt Ceiling
By Paul Kane and Lori Montgomery, The Washington Post
The contentious budget talks that have dominated Washington for months intensified Wednesday, prompting President Obama to say he would accept a short-term hike in the debt ceiling if it gave lawmakers time to finalize a comprehensive deal. Read more

Debt Deal In Making?
By John Harwood, CNBC
There has been a breakthrough in GOP support for tax hikes, with CNBC's John Harwood; Rep. Dennis Kucinich, (D-OH); Byron Dorgan, (D) fmr. North Dakota gov.; Sen Kay Bailey Hutchison, (R-TX); and Steve Forbes, Forbes. View

Doomsday Doubters And The Debt Ceiling
By Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
President Obama says that if Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling by Aug. 2, the consequences will be dire. A long list of economists and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce agree. Even the Republican leader in the U.S. Senate agrees. Read more

Insiders Split On Debt Ceiling Winners And Losers
By James A. Barnes and Peter Bell, National Journal
Democratic and Republican political operatives were divided on who has gained ground politically and who has lost yards in the debt ceiling debate, however, Democrats have a more cohesive view on how the negations have played out so far, while Republicans are more uncertain. Those are two key findings in this week's National Journal Political Insiders Poll. Read more

Romney Still Ahead, But With Big Vulnerabilities In Quest For GOP Nod
By Dan Balz and Jon Cohen, The Washington Post
Mitt Romney leads the wide-open contest for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. But a new Washington Post-ABC News poll underscores his vulnerabilities as a front-runner, as well as Sarah Palin’s lingering power to shake up the race if she decides to run. Read more

In 2006 Interview, Bachmann Attacks Same-Sex Marriage, 'Big Love' Series
By Beth Reinhard, National Journal
As a state lawmaker in 2006, now-Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., warned that efforts to allow same-sex marriage would open the door to polygamy and “group marriage,’’ and she condemned a popular cable television series about a fundamentalist Mormon with three wives. Read more

Boehner Calls For Backup Plan, Won't Budge On Taxes
By Major Garrett, National Journal
House Speaker John Boehner Thursday called for President Obama and congressional leaders to consider “backup strategies” to “solve” the looming default crisis as no path to raise the nation’s $14.3 trillion debt ceiling is visible or legislatively viable. Read more

Posted: Thu, 07/21/2011 - 12:00am