On the Radar: July 9, 2010

Democrats battle independents' weakening support of Obama and Congress 
By Dan Balz, The Washington Post       
Of all the problems Democrats face this fall, none may be more challenging than trying to win back the support of independent voters.  Continue reading...

Prisoner Swap in Vienna Ends U.S.-Russia Espionage Case      
By  Nicholas Kulish, Peter Baker and Ellen Barry, The New York Times      
In a seeming flashback to the cold war, Russian and American officials traded prisoners in the bright sunlight on the tarmac of Vienna’s international airport on Friday, bringing to a quick end an episode that had threatened to disrupt relations between the countries. Continue reading

Gates: New media restrictions not meant to curtail coverage      
By Nancy A. Youssef and Maggie Bridgeman, McClatchy Newspapers     
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said Thursday that a new policy requiring military commanders to get advance clearance from the Pentagon before talking to reporters, is aimed at stopping leaks, not preventing soldiers from talking to the news media.  Continue reading

"You Just Don't Get It"      
By John Dickerson, SLATE Magazine     
Do you get it? It is the question of the 2010 campaign so far, and the answer is always the same: no. "Republican leaders in Washington just don't get it," President Obama said this weekend after the GOP senators voted to block an extension of unemployment benefits.  Continue reading

The boomer defection   
By Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times    
Voters over 50 are leaning increasingly Republican, according to recent polling. That's a big problem for Democrats. Continue reading...  

Obama to name Berwick Medicare, Medicaid chief      
By Susan Milligan, Boston Globe         
President Obama will bypass a testy Senate and appoint Harvard professor and health care policy maven Donald Berwick today to run the nation’s Medicare and Medicaid programs, the White House confirmed last night. Continue reading  

Posted: Fri, 07/09/2010 - 12:55pm