On the Radar: May 6, 2010

Bid to enact energy bill might survive Gulf spill
By Charles Babington, Associated Press
The Gulf oil spill has dealt a big blow to expanded offshore drilling, leaving the nation's energy problems as murky and unsettled as ever. Continue Reading

Source: Energy bill next week
By Jeanne Cummings, POLITICO
In a high-stakes move, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) are planning to forge ahead with or without Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and introduce an energy bill next week, according to sources familiar with the planning. Continue Reading

Wanted: A consensus-building justice
By Christi Parsons, Los Angeles Times
Right after President Obama learned a vacancy would be opening on the Supreme Court, he sent his staff on a targeted hunt for a rare breed he called "the consensus builder." Continue Reading

As Britain goes to polls, shake-up in Parliament is forecast
By Dan Balz, The Washington Post
Britain's Conservative Party was pressing for an outright victory as voters went to the polls here Thursday, following a hard-fought campaign that could produce this nation's most fragile government in a generation. Continue Reading

Bye-Bye Bailout Nation
By John Harwood, CNBC
The details on the Senate's approval of an amendment to the sweeping Wall Street reform bill, with CNBC's John Harwood. Watch the Video

Meet the Unemployable Man
By David Wessel, The Wall Street Journal
The betting is that the Labor Department's Friday snapshot of the job market will show that employers added workers in April, perhaps even that the unemployment rate fell. Continue Reading

In Blow to Democrats, Influential Congressman Will Retire After Four Decades
By Jeff Zeleny, The New York Times
Representative David R. Obey of Wisconsin, the third-most senior member of the House and chairman of the Appropriations Committee, announced Wednesday that he was retiring after four decades in Congress, a decision that reflected both a generational shift and the difficult political environment for Democrats. Continue Reading

Democrat Obey Won't Seek Re-Election
By Naftali Bendavid, The Wall Street Journal
Rep. David Obey, a Wisconsin Democrat who is one of the most powerful and longest-serving members of Congress, said Wednesday that he wouldn't seek re-election this year, adding a new burden to Democrats in what is shaping up as a difficult election year. Continue Reading

Barney Frank to White House: Fight the GOP
By Eamon Javers, POLITICO
House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank is worried that the GOP is scoring points with its attacks on housing giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and he’s urging the White House to fight back. Continue Reading

Posted: Thu, 05/06/2010 - 10:37am