On the Radar: November 15, 2010

Democrats Face Headwinds in Spending-Plan Initiative
by Janet Hook, The Wall Street Journal
As a lame-duck Congress convenes Monday, Democrats are still hoping to pass a $1 trillion year-end budget bill in spite of the anti-spending fervor that dealt a blow to their party in the midterm elections. Read more

New Developments in Tax Cut Debate
by John Dickerson, CBS News
Harry Smith spoke with political analyst John Dickerson on the tax cut debate and the most recent earmark conversation that's brewing. Watch video

Axelrod Says Plouffe to Replace Him at White House New Year
Aamer Madhani and James Barnes, National Journal
President Obama's top adviser, David Axelrod, will likely be replaced by campaign strategist David Plouffe when he leaves the White House early next year. Read more

Obama Returns, Facing Unpredictable Congress in a Lame-Duck Session
by Jackie Calmes and David Herszenhorn, The New York Times
President Obama returned from Asia on Sunday to face the new post-election reality at home: in an unpredictable lame-duck session of Congress starting Monday, emboldened Republicans are poised to try to force an extension of the Bush-era tax rates for the wealthy and block action on a variety of domestic and foreign initiatives. Read more

Pinning down an Afghan timetable
by Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
The White House has pledged to begin troop withdrawals in July 2011, but the Karzai government doesn't expect to be ready until 2014. What does that mean for winding down operations? Read more

U.S. Plan Envisions Path to Ending Afghan Combat
by Peter Baker and Rod Norland, The New York Times

The Obama administration has developed a plan to begin transferring security duties in select areas of Afghanistan to that country’s forces over the next 18 to 24 months, with an eye toward ending the American combat mission there by 2014, officials said Sunday. Read more

Sober suggestions from Obama's debt commission
by David S. Broder, The Washington Post
What Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson have given America is the equivalent of a cold shower after a night of heavy drinking. It's sober-up time. Read more

Lots of Republican Toes in the 2012 Waters, but No Rush to Dive In
by Jeff Zeleny, The New York Times
Tim Pawlenty, the departing governor of Minnesota, is gearing up for a book tour in January and highlighting his opposition to the new federal health care law. Gov. Haley Barbour of Mississippi is trying to persuade donors to remain neutral until...Read more

The GOP takeover in the states
by Dan Balz, The Washington Post
The intense focus on the coming struggles between President Obama and congressional Republicans obscures one of the most important and underreported results of the midterm elections: the GOP takeover in the states. Read more

Posted: Mon, 11/15/2010 - 1:07pm