On the Radar: October 25, 2010

After the Wave: Mitch McConnell wants to learn from history, but his new recruits will not be easily led
By Major Garrett, National Journal
Mitch McConnell wants to learn from history, but his new recruits will not be easily led. Read more

Election Day could bring historic split: Democrats lose House, keep Senate
by Karen Tumulty, The Washington Post
The question around Washington today is not whether Nov. 2 will be a difficult day for the Democrats who control Congress, but rather how bad it will be. Read more

Declaring Independence, Even as Obama Stumps
By John Harwood, The New York Times
Through the blur of final campaign speeches and television advertisements, here’s one thing voters everywhere can expect to see: the independence reflex. Read more

Tightening Senate races give pause to upbeat GOP
By Charles Babington, Associated Press
To understand Republicans' nagging fear that the Nov. 2 elections might not be quite the massive triumph that many have predicted, check out Pennsylvania's perplexing Senate race. Read more

The Pennsylvania Story
By Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
The state's Senate race may show how the parties will fare nationally in the midterm elections. Read more

G.O.P. Is Poised to Seize House, if Not Senate
By Jeff Zeleny, The New York Times
A costly and polarizing Congressional campaign heads into its closing week with Republicans in a strong position to win the House but with Democrats maintaining a narrow edge in the battle for the Senate, according to a race-by-race review and lawmakers and strategists on both sides. Read more

Following Campaign Cash
By Eamon Javers, CNBC
A comparison of banking and hedge fund contributions towards Democrats and Republicans. Watch video

GOP Dubious About Obama's Wish List
By Fawn Johnson, National Journal
President Obama believes Democrats and
Republicans can reach agreement next year on education, infrastructure, and energy legislation. That’s a tall order. The GOP has thus far rebuffed the administration’s efforts in all three areas, although some policymakers and lobbyists say consensus is possible if the political conditions allow for it. Read more

Wikileaks Releases Disturbing Details From Iraq
By Tom Gjelten, NPR
The whistleblower site WikiLeaks has rocked the Pentagon again by releasing a huge new batch of classified U.S. military reports. Nearly 400,000 files on the Iraq war were shared initially with The New York Times, three European news organizations and Al Jazeera.  Read more

What America might learn from the British austerity model
By David Broder, The Washington Post
The most important political news last week came from across the Atlantic, where the coalition government of British Prime Minister David Cameron ordered an austerity budget that radically reduces government spending on the welfare state. Read more

Posted: Mon, 10/25/2010 - 12:42pm