On the Radar: September 5, 2011

2012 presidential race begins in earnest this month for Obama and Republican slate
by Dan Balz, The Washington Post
For President Obama and the Republicans seeking to defeat him, the month of September will be the moment when the 2012 campaign takes shape, with the coming weeks offering a series of tests that will sharply define the choices in next year’s election and reveal more about the characters of those who seek to lead the country.  Read more

Mitt Romney's record in the 'real economy'
By Karen Tumulty and Jia Lynn Yang, The Washington Post
en Mitt Romney announces his job-creation plan in Nevada on Tuesday-- a move timed to coincide with President Obama’s proposal two days later-- he will be sending a message about far more than his policy positions. What Romney wants voters to see is who he is and what he has done. Read more

Republican Candidates Turn Attacks on One Another
by Jeff Zeleny, The New York Times
Gov. Rick Perry is privately being coached to come across as more presidential — cautious in his comments, deliberate in defending his Texas record — while building on his fast start by trying to consolidate support across the Republican spectrum, from the Tea Party and evangelicals to the party establishment.  Read more

Partisan Fighting Carries Risks at Election Time
by John Harwood, The New York Times
President Obama’s renewed engagement with Congressional Republicans this week may seem all too familiar, but it comes with a darkly unpredictable component.  Read more

Tough economic climate as Obama seeks second term
by Charles Babington, Associated Press
President Barack Obama faces a long re-election campaign having all but given up on the economy rebounding in any meaningful way before November 2012. His own budget office predicts unemployment will stay at about 9 percent, a frightening number for any president seeking a second term.  Read more

'Top Secret America': A look at the military's Joint Special Operations
by Dana Priest and William B. Arkin, The Washington Post
The CIA’s armed drones and paramilitary forces have killed dozens of al-Qaeda leaders and thousands of its foot soldiers. But there is another mysterious organization that has killed even more of America’s enemies in the decade since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.  Read more

WikiLeaks Now Victim of Its Own Leak
by Tom Gjelten, NPR
The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, once said his mission was not simply to divulge secrets, but to make sure the release of that information actually made a difference.  Read more

Obama to EPA: Withdraw Air-Quality Rule
by Deborah Solomon, The Wall Street Journal
President Obama asked the Environmental Protection Agency to withdraw a proposed rule for ozone air-quality standards, citing the nation's wobbly economy.  Watch the video

McManus: The high cost of protecting America
by Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
There's no such thing as too much security. But there is such a thing as security that's too expensive.  Read more



Posted: Mon, 09/05/2011 - 12:00am