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FBI director briefs Intel Committee, Trump address Congressional Black Caucus and VP Pence's role in the White House

February 17, 2017
FBI Director James Comey discusses the Trump administration's connection to Russia.
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"I love hearing smart people talk about current issues"

February 16, 2017
"I feel like they take the news to the next level and being able to hear that once a week encapsulated just makes the rest of my weekend so much better."
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50 years of Washington Week: "Measured and objective"

February 15, 2017
As Washington Week celebrates its 50th anniversary, longtime viewers are telling us why they love the show. One thing we keep hearing: “It's very measured and objective in this day and age of the shouting and partisan bickering.” Gwen Ifill always said she wanted to offer viewers more light than heat. That remains our goal every week.
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Celebrating 50 years: "I love Washington Week because…"

February 14, 2017
Happy Valentine's Day! We love our viewers, and as we mark our 50th anniversary, they’re sharing why they love the show. Mary Ellen says she loves Washington Week because "it gives me the best news I can get about politics."

Finding love at Washington Week: A golden anniversary for two original employees

February 14, 2017
As Washington Week marks its 50th anniversary, two of the program’s original employees are nearing their own golden anniversary.
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50 years of Washington Week: "They respect each other"

February 13, 2017
Washington Week turns 50 next week! All this month we’ll be sharing reasons longtime Washington Week viewers keep watching. Kathy told us she watches because of the intelligent, responsible and respectful conversations.

Trump administration considers next steps after court upholds travel ban freeze

February 10, 2017
The 9th Circuit rejects Trump bid to reinstate travel ban.
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Angry constituents pack Congressional town halls and Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway faces ethics probe

February 10, 2017
Republican and Democratic lawmakers are facing angry constituents across the country.

Donald Trump’s worldview and how the world views the new president

February 3, 2017
The panel reports on the new world order of the Trump administration and the influencers jockeying for power inside the White House.