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2008 Dem Convention: "Moment of catharsis"

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August 29, 2008
When Hillary Clinton​ spoke at the 2008 Democratic convention after losing the primary battle to Barack Obama​, Michele Norris​ described the importance of giving Clinton's supporters a "moment of catharsis" that was "like air leaving a pressure cooker." Will Bernie Sanders​' speech last night do the same thing for Democrats this year?
Voice of the Voters

How would you describe the election in one word?

July 26, 2016
As the Democrats gather in Philadelphia, we asked the city's residents to describe the 2016 Election in just one word. Democrats and Republicans alike seemed united on one issue: the 2016 campaign is unlike any other in history. What would you say? Share your answer on Twitter #16for2016.
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Pop Quiz in Philadelphia: Democratic Convention Edition

July 25, 2016
As the Democratic National Convention heads to Philadelphia, how closely are the city's residents paying attention to the 2016 election and how much do they they know about the history of the DNC? We were on the ground with a Washington Week pop quiz.
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Advice for DNC Delegates from Philadelphians

July 25, 2016
Are you in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention? We asked locals for advice about where you should go during your free time. And, yes, cheesesteaks make the list.
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Are superdelegates really super?

July 25, 2016
Democratic presidential runner-up Bernie Sanders has made reforming the Party's nominating system and the use of superdelegates a cornerstone of his campaign. But do you know how the Democratic superdelegate process works? We asked people in Philadelphia to weigh in on superdelegates. Do you think Democrats should get rid of superdelegates? Share your answer on Twitter #16for2016.
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Washington Week Extra: Philadelphia Edition - What voters care about in battleground state Pennsylvania

July 22, 2016
Washington Week is on the ground in the city of brotherly love to hear what voters in the battleground state of Pennsylvania care about in the 2016 election.

Washington Week in Philadelphia: Trump accepts Republican nomination and Clinton prepares for DNC

July 22, 2016
Days before the Democrats meet in Philadelphia, Hillary Clinton prepares to name her VP.
Voice of the Voters

Donald Trump in One Word

July 20, 2016
Donald Trump was officially nominated as the GOP presidential candidate at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland Tuesday, and he will deliver his acceptance speech Thursday night. We asked locals to describe the Republican nominee in one word. What would you say? Share your answer on Twitter #16for2016.
Gwen's NewsHour Reports

How Donald Trump rose from real estate scion to TV ‘boss’

July 19, 2016
Just as Donald Trump was finishing business school, he set his sights on showbiz, investing in a Broadway production. But when that failed, he retreated to the family business of real estate, where he found success (as well as bankruptcy), climbed New York’s social ladder and courted controversy. Gwen Ifill explores the career path that led Trump to pursue the Oval Office.