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"A review encapsulating the news of the week"

February 24, 2017
To celebrate its 50th anniversary, we asked people why they watch Washington Week.

Latino activists fight Trump's agenda and Democrats search for new leader and path forward

February 24, 2017
Hispanic political operatives are meeting to figure out how to combat Trump's immigration agenda.
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Three generations of Washington Week watchers

February 23, 2017
Today is Washington Week’s 50th anniversary! Thank you to everyone who has watched the show for so many years. One couple we met in Colorado has been watching since the early days and have passed the tradition on to their daughter! Thank you for 50 great years!

Celebrating 50 years of Washington Week with announcer Paul Anthony

February 22, 2017
As Washington Week celebrates its 50th anniversary, Paul Anthony, the program’s announcer from the very beginning, looks back at his many years on the show and how it all began in 1967.
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50 years of Washington Week: "Informed perspective"

February 22, 2017
As Washington Week celebrates its 50th anniversary, we asked our fans why they watch the show.
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Health care debate sparks angry Congressional town halls in 2009

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August 14, 2009
Many Republican lawmakers returned to their districts this week to face angry constituents voicing their frustration with efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Back in 2009, as the law was being written and debate, it was Democrats in Congress who faced the angry voters who didn’t want government to change the health care system.
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50 years of Washington Week: "Unbiased and in-depth"

February 21, 2017
For the past half century, Washington Week has presented a civil conversation about the most important stories of the week. Viewers like Bob, who came to our town hall in Cleveland, appreciate the "unbiased, in-depth information" he gets from watching the show. "It fills in a lot of the blanks," Bob said. "We watch it religiously."

President Trump defends administration from Russia concerns in first solo press conference

February 17, 2017
The president held his first solo news conference.
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50 years of Washington Week: "Honest discourse"

February 17, 2017
For 50 years, Washington Week has been a civil conversation of the week’s news with the nation’s top journalists. All week long, longtime viewers have been sharing their reasons for watching. “I enjoy that there seems to be an honest discourse without interrupting, rudeness or arguing,” Kathleen told us in Colorado.