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Clinton narrowly beats Sanders in Iowa caucuses

February 2, 2016
Just fractions of a percentage point separated Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the Iowa Democratic caucuses, but the state party declared Clinton the winner on Tuesday. In their caucus night speeches, Clinton said she is "breathing a big sigh of relief" while sanders called it a "virtual tie."
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Record Turnout at the Iowa Caucuses in 2008

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February 1, 2016
Every four years, voters in Iowa are the first to make their choice for president known. This year Clinton is trying to prevent an upset like 2008 when Barack Obama turned out new caucus-goers in record numbers to take first place.
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Mike Huckabee suspends presidential campaign

February 1, 2016
After a disappointing finish in the Iowa caucuses tonight, Mike Huckabee officially suspends his campaign for the ‪‎Republican‬ presidential nomination. "Obviously the voters are sick of me and I need to acknowledge that," Huckabee joked.
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O'Malley suspends his presidential campaign

February 1, 2016
After a distant third place finish in the Iowa caucuses, former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley officially suspended his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. "We have driven this debate," O'Malley said. "I am suspending this presidential bid, but I am not ending this fight."

State of the 2016 Campaign: Iowa Caucus Countdown

January 29, 2016
Republicans debate but Donald Trump skips out while Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in a dead heat.
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Obama on the Supreme Court? Plus, Sanders sits down with POTUS

January 29, 2016
Clinton thinks Obama would make a good Supreme Court justice. Sanders and Obama meet privately.
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Trump sidesteps pre-Iowa debate as Clinton calls for one more before N.H.

January 27, 2016
Donald Trump continues to grab headlines even when he exits the stage. The Republican front-runner said he will shun the next debate because he feels one of the FOX News moderators is biased against him. Political director Lisa Desjardins offers a closer look and Gwen Ifill gets a campaign update from Paul Steinhauser of the NH1 News Network and O. Kay Henderson of Radio Iowa.
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Donald Trump skips Republican debate

January 28, 2016
Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump chose not to attend the Fox News debate Thursday night, and instead held a fundraiser for veterans. "We thought we'd let them start, and we wanted to be about 15 minutes into that hour," Trump said before joking that his event had more cameras than the debate.
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Trump to skip next Republican debate

January 27, 2016
Donald J. Trump​ is skipping the next Republican debate being hosted by Fox News​ tomorrow night. Trump's dispute is with moderator Megyn Kelly​, who he has called a "third-rate reporter" after he didn't like the questions she asked him during the last debate she moderated.