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Donald Trump
Webcast Extra

Donald Trump's 2016 Campaign, Hostage Policy Review, Defense Authorization and Baseball Hacking

June 19, 2015
US reviews hostage policy over ransoms, Cardinals hack the Astros and Donald Trump’s 2016 ego
Gwen's NewsHour Reports

How will the healthcare subsidies decision affect everyday Americans?

June 17, 2015
The Supreme Court is expected to rule on healthcare subsidies soon. As the country awaits the decision, NewsHour interviewed people who would be personally affected by the ruling, and Julie Rovner of Kaiser Health News answers their concerns.
Gwen's NewsHour Reports

Former national security advisor on al-Qaida head killed in air strike

June 16, 2015
With the killing of an al-Qaida head Nasir al-Wuhayshi in Yemen, is the group losing ground? Gwen Ifill talks with former National Security Advisor Juan Zarate on what the death of this leader means, as well as the progress of the fight against the terrorist group.
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#AskGwen: Social Media in Journalism

June 16, 2015
After three decades as a journalist, Gwen Ifill reflects on how social media has changed her day-to-day job.
From the Vault

President Obama visits Capitol Hill

Air Date: 
January 30, 2009
As President Obama travels to Capitol Hill to meet with Democrats about the trade negotiations, we look in our Vault to 2009 when the president headed to the Hill only a week after his inauguration.
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#AskGwen: 2016... Bernie Sanders & A Potential Third-Party Campaign

June 12, 2015
Can Bernie Sanders be the Democrat to challenge Hillary Clinton?
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas)
Webcast Extra

ISIS Bride Captured, White House Press Evacuated, Ted Cruz Battles GOP and Rand Paul's Payback

June 12, 2015
US captures ISIS bride, bomb threat forces WH press evacuation, Ted Cruz takes on GOP & Rand Paul prepares for payback

House Votes Down Trade, More Troops to Iraq, Shaping Obama's Legacy and 2016 Frontrunners

June 12, 2015
Democrats disagree about trade, 450 troops to train Iraqis, Obama's last quarter and Jeb Bush & Hillary Clinton
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#AskGwen: Democratic Trade Disagreement

June 11, 2015
Why is President Obama pushing a trade deal when other Democrats are opposed?