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President Trump tries to sell wary Republicans on health care replacement and WikiLeaks details CIA spying tactics

March 10, 2017
House Republicans unveiled a replacement for Obamacare that faces tough opposition.

Massive cuts to HUD budget, Huntsman tapped as ambassador to Russia and Trump's new travel ban

March 10, 2017
Housing and meal assistance to be eliminated in $6 billion cuts to Housing and Urban Development.

AG Jeff Sessions under fire amid new questions about Trump administration ties to Russia

March 3, 2017
Sessions recuses himself from investigations into Russia's meddling in the election.
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Washington Week: "Excellent panelists" and a "well-rounded discussion"

March 3, 2017
Washington Week’s signature for 50 years has been civil, thoughtful discussion with the country’s best reporters. That’s what Jackie told us she appreciates most. Thanks for watching for the past 50 years!

Pastor from Trump inauguration creates safe haven for undocumented immigrants

March 3, 2017
A Sacramento pastor sets up a safe space for immigrants in his church.
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"Washington Week keeps us up-to-date"

March 2, 2017
LaTonya and her daughter love Washington Week because “it keeps us up-to-date with everything that's going on in our country and everything that's going on in the world.”
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Washington Week: "Calm, thoughtful discussion… in the midst of extreme dialogue"

March 1, 2017
Much of the rhetoric during the 2016 presidential election led to further fractures in an already deeply divided nation, but as Kathy and Ed told us in battleground state Colorado, Washington Week was the show to watch to step away from the noise and get “understanding without all the hype.” For 50 years, that’s been the mission of the program. Thanks for watching!
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Washington Week: "Inside information" that "shines a light"

February 28, 2017
For 50 years, Washington Week has featured the nation’s top journalists sharing their reporting and analysis on the biggest stories of the week. That’s what one long-time viewer appreciates most. “It's a great way to keep up with news and get inside information on what's going on in Washington and politics across the nation and internationally,” Tim told us outside our town hall in Cleveland.
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President Obama's first address to Congress

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February 27, 2009
President Obama delivered his first joint session address in 2009.