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When a shooter’s violent video goes viral

August 27, 2015
A shocking, televised murder in Virginia has provoked a wide array of questions about the shooter and how horrific images go viral online. Gwen Ifill speaks with Deborah Potter of NewsLab, Lance Ulanoff, chief correspondent and editor-at-large at Mashable, and Barry Rosenfeld of Fordham University.
Gwen's NewsHour Reports

Why New Orleans recovery is a continuation, not a celebration

August 26, 2015
Ten years since Hurricane Katrina brought tragedy to the city of New Orleans, the story of its recovery can read like a tale of two cities. Marc Morial, Urban League CEO and former mayor, joins Gwen Ifill to take stock of the school system, the need for affordable housing and the enormous task of rebuilding and recovering.
Gwen's NewsHour Reports

What’s driving the global glut of oil

August 25, 2015
A year ago, crude oil was trading at more than $100 a barrel. Now, the price of oil is down more than 60 percent from its peak. Gwen Ifill speaks to The Wall Street Journal’s Russell Gold to understand the drop and how it affects the U.S. economy.
Gwen's NewsHour Reports

Writer Jesmyn Ward reflects on survival since Katrina

August 24, 2015
After writer and Tulane University professor Jesmyn Ward survived Hurricane Katrina while staying at her grandmother’s house, she wrote “Salvage the Bones,” an award-winning novel about a Mississippi family in the days leading up to the devastating storm.
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John Kasich: Hunting down undocumented immigrants is ‘not what America is’

August 19, 2015
Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a Republican presidential candidate, joins Gwen Ifill to discuss why he’s ready to run and win, plus the need for a tight border and a path to citizenship for immigrants, setting high educational standards, putting boots on the ground to fight the Islamic State and more.
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In a crowded race for Iowa, the importance of being Donald

August 18, 2015
While other candidates crisscross the state of Iowa and drop money on political ads, it seems like they just can’t buy the attention Donald Trump has been getting. Gwen Ifill examines why the candidate has had such popularity, and how it is affecting the race.
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Are Iowa voters having a summer romance with Sanders and Trump?

August 17, 2015
This year at the Iowa Fair, there was the usual celebration of corn, butter and pork, and then there were the tell-tale signs of an election year: the governors and senators, the legacy candidates, the outliers and the upstarts. Gwen Ifill reports on how Iowa voters are responding to the candidates.
Gwen's NewsHour Reports

How Clinton’s emails can be made classified after the fact

August 12, 2015
Hillary Clinton turned over her personal email server to the Justice Department Tuesday, following new details that some of the emails contained classified information. Gwen Ifill learns more from Anita Kumar of McClatchy Newspapers.
Gwen's NewsHour Reports

From Google to Alphabet, what does the change mean?

August 12, 2015
Tech giant Google is restructuring. A newly created holding company called Alphabet will now be the umbrella for its core business of Internet searching -- still called Google -- as well as other divisions like home automation and X Labs. Gwen Ifill discusses the changes with David Yoffie of Harvard Business School.