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Nov 04, 2011

  • Woman Said to Have Felt Hostility at Work After Complaining About Cain

    By Jim Rutenberg and Jeff Zeleny, The New York Times

    One of the women who accused the Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexual harassment while working for him at the National Restaurant Association in the late 1990s complained that the workplace turned hostile after she alleged that he made advances toward her during a work-related outing, several people familiar with her account at the time said in interviews.

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  • DNC highlights Romney’s support of ‘personhood’ bill

    By Nia-Malika Henderson, The Washington Post

    The Democratic National Committee is hitting Mitt Romney over his support of life at conception legislation, which is on the ballot in Mississippi, and could crop up on ballots across the country.

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  • Obama Urges European Solution to Debt Crisis

    By Helene Cooper, The New York Times

    President Obama plunged Thursday into the fast-moving European debt crisis, arriving here to exhort European leaders to get their financial house in order.

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  • Annie Get Your Gun

    by Yochi J. Dreazen, National Journal

    In late October, a bomb tore through a team of American Special Operations troops on a raid against an enemy target in Kandahar province. The blast killed three, including a young female officer, Lt. Ashley White, who was attached to the elite troops during the strike and died at their side.

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  • Israel Faces Questions About News Reports of Eyeing Iran Strike

    By Isabel Kershner and David E. Sanger, The New York Times

    Israel's top leadership has spent the week answering and evading questions about widespread reports that it is once again considering a strike on Iran's nuclear complexes, while President Obama said Thursday that he and his allies would maintain “unprecedented international pressure” on Tehran to keep it from producing a nuclear weapon.

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  • Debt-reduction supercommittee talks appear to be at an impasse

    By Lori Montgomery, The Washington Post

    Washington’s latest exercise in debt reduction appeared to be at an impasse Thursday, as members of a special congressional committee barreled toward a Thanksgiving deadline with no movement on the fundamental question of whether to raise taxes.

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Nov 03, 2011

  • What about Afghanistan?

    By Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times

    Republicans usually enter a presidential campaign with a built-in advantage on at least one issue: national security. Historically, voters trust the GOP to be tougher than Democrats on defense and foreign policy.

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  • Obama rips Republicans for House vote on 'In God We Trust' motto

    By Sam Youngman, The Hill

    President Obama invoked God on Wednesday as he criticized Congress for voting on commemorative coins and a resolution reaffirming “In God We Trust” as the national motto in all public buildings, public schools and other government institutions.

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  • U.S. Economic Outlook: Plateau or Promise?

    With David Wessel, Wall Street Journal

    Is the U.S. losing its place as the world leader in inventions and technological innovation?

  • The John Kerry Moment?

    By Major Garrett, National Journal

    Failure, it turns out, is an option. In fact, it sounds more and more like an imperative. “I’m worried you’re going to fail,” Erskine Bowles, the Democratic chairman of President Obama’s debt- and deficit-reduction commission, told the super committee on Tuesday. Hours earlier, Rep. Mick Mulvaney, R-S.C., told a National Journal panel on the 2012 election that he fully expected the super committee to fail and expected all of the underlying political and policy issues to be settled, at least in part, by the 2012 election.

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  • Cain Says Perry Is Orchestrating a Smear Campaign

    By Jeff Zeleny, Michael D Shear and Jim Rutenberg, New York Times

    A defiant Herman Cain accused Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, a Republican rival, of orchestrating a smear campaign to destroy his presidential candidacy, as additional accusations emerged Wednesday that Mr. Cain made unwanted sexual overtures to women while he led the National Restaurant Association more than a decade ago. 

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  • Job Creation: Are Policies Geared to Startups the Answer?

    by Alexis Simendinger, RealClearPolitics

    President Obama on Tuesday proclaimed November 2011 to be National Entrepreneurship Month, a benign and routine ritual that stroked a favored cause, but nevertheless a timely nod to the heart of the economy’s job creation dilemma.

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  • Justice Stevens' memoir: Modest tone but pointed critiques

    By Joan Biskupic, USA Today

    For his nearly 35 years on the Supreme Court, Justice John Paul Stevens was never a scene stealer. As he gravitated toward the left, he was overshadowed by prominent liberals such as William Brennan. Later, when he became the senior justice on the left and controlled the assignment of opinions, he often gave important cases to key colleagues.

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  • Stuxnet Raises 'Blowback' Risk In Cyberwar

    By Tom Gjelten, NPR

    The Stuxnet computer worm, arguably the first and only cybersuperweapon ever deployed, continues to rattle security experts around the world, one year after its existence was made public. Apparently meant to damage centrifuges at a uranium enrichment facility in Iran, Stuxnet now illustrates the potential complexities and dangers of cyberwar.

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Nov 02, 2011

  • Herman Cain’s ‘Clintonian’ ways

    By Nia-Malika Henderson, Washington Post

    Herman Cain has maintained a packed schedule over these past few days as he has battled allegations that he sexually harassed at least two women while he led the National Restaurant Association. His strategy of rolling disclosures has found him parsing the definition of a settlement, claiming a faulty memory on key facts, then remembering more clearly, and finally wishing for a do-over, admitting that mistakes were made in initial interviews.

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  • Obama Goes Local in Round of Interviews

    By Helene Cooper, New York Times

    With his re-election campaign now in full swing, President Obama has been visiting swing states and attending fund-raisers almost every week. Unfortunately, this week he’s obligated to travel to a place with no electoral votes: Cannes, France, for the Group of 20 economic summit.

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  • Supercommittee must not ‘fail the country,’ Bowles says, offering his own plan

    By Lori Montgomery, Washington Post

    Erskine Bowles, the former White House chief of staff who has worked for months to tame the national debt, bluntly warned members of a congressional panel Tuesday that they will “fail the country” if they do not break the impasse over taxes that is blocking a far-reaching agreement.

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  • Obama 'can't wait' to Obama ‘can’t wait’ to fight Romney

    By Sam Youngman, The Hill

    The funniest scene in the old hockey movie “Slap Shot” might be the one where the Hanson brothers start a fight with the other team before the game even starts. Who knew that could be a parable for President Obama’s reelection campaign?

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  • When Herman Met Clarence

    by John Dickerson, Slate

    Herman Cain’s stump speech starts out talking about a nation in crisis. Now he has a campaign in one. Responding to reports about his history of sexual harassment claims, he has offered conflicting and confusing stories. The candidate known for his simplicity has fallen into lawyerly hairsplitting.

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  • Ex-Clinton Hand Gives Cain Some Advice

    By Beth Reinhard, National Journal

    While the sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain are drawing some comparisons between him and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, there's also Bill Clinton. A woman named Gennifer Flowers, you'll recall, claimed having an affair with Clinton as he was poised to win the New Hampshire primary in 1992. To quash the damaging story line, Clinton and wife, Hillary, appeared on CBS's "60 Minutes." You know, I'm not sitting here - some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette,'' Hillary Clinton famously said. Her husband went on to win the presidency.

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