April 2012

Apr 19, 2012

Panetta Apologizes for Photos

With Martha Raddatz, ABC News

Secretary of Defense sorry for photos of U.S. soldier with enemies' remains.

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Who is Mitt Romney and What Does He Believe?

By Dan Balz, Washington Post

Mitt Romney has turned his attention to November’s presidential election, and the Republican establishment is beginning to fall in line behind him. Endorsements for him have grown from a stream to a flood this week, including from big names such as House Speaker John A. Boehner (Ohio), Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels.
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New Photos Raise New Questions About Whether the Military Can Police Itself

By Yochi J. Dreazen, National Journal

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has apologized for grisly new photos showing American soldiers posing with the body parts of Taliban suicide bombers and promised that “anyone found responsible for this inhuman conduct will be held accountable.” If similar recent events are any indication, those punishments will be a long time coming.
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Government Scandals Consume Washington

With Julianna Goldman, Bloomberg News

Bloomberg's Megan Hughes, Julianna Goldman and Peter Cook report on the continuing investigations into GSA spending on lavish trips and gifts and Secret Service and military members entertaining prostitutes during President Obama's trip to Colombia.
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In Wariness on Economy, Poll Finds Opening for Romney

By Jeff Zeleny and Allison Kopicki, New York Times

A rising number of Americans see improvement in the economy, but a persistent wariness about their own financial circumstances is allowing Mitt Romney to persuade voters that he could improve their economic prospects more than President Obama, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.
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GOP Candidate Mitt Romney (CNN)

Apr 18, 2012

As Gas Prices Cast Cloud, Obama Calls for Scrutiny on Market

By Helene Cooper, New York Times

With his re-election prospects influenced by the price of gasoline, President Obama on Tuesday demanded more “cops on the beat” to crack down on oil market manipulation, calling on Congress to bolster federal supervision of oil markets and to increase penalties for subverting markets.
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Latino Voters Take Center Stage in Both Presidential Campaigns

By Karen Tumulty, Washington Post

With the GOP presidential nomination no longer in doubt, President Obama and Mitt Romney this week are urgently turning their focus to Hispanic voters — a group whose alienation from Republicans threatens GOP prospects for winning the White House and has given the Obama campaign an early opportunity to lock in the support of a key constituency.
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Secret Service Prostitution Scandal Roils DC

With Pierre Thomas, ABC News

A prostitution scandal involving the Secret Service has grown in scope, with the disclosure that U.S. agents and military personnel had been with at least 20 women in hotel rooms before President Barack Obama arrived in Colombia for a summit with Latin American leaders.

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Obama Seeks More Oil Market Oversight

By Alexis Simendinger, RealClearPolitics

Are gasoline prices rising in the United States because of illegal excess market speculation? The White House on Tuesday offered no evidence to support that hypothesis, but President Obama, worried about climbing prices at the pump, nevertheless urged lawmakers to adopt legislation he said would protect consumers and beef up the government's watchdog surveillance of oil trades.
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Romney Campaign Backs Away from Nugent's Obama Remark

By Sam Youngman, Reuters

Republican candidate Mitt Romney's campaign called for civility on Tuesday after aging rock star Ted Nugent made an apparent threat against President Barack Obama before an audience of U.S. gun lobbyists.
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Apr 17, 2012

Cybersecurity Bills Compete For Attention

By Tom Gjelten, NPR

Cybersecurity will get a lot of attention on Capitol Hill in the coming weeks, with several competing bills up for consideration. The most stringent proposal mandates minimum cybersecurity standards and requires companies to notify the government when their networks have been breached. White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan says it is essential that the federal government take steps to better prepare the country for devastating cyber attacks. Listen to Story on NPR

The Bubble Wars

By John Dickerson, Slate

One way to think about the 2012 presidential campaign is as a battle between two houses: Barack Obama's White House and Mitt Romney's San Diego house. The Romney campaign would like to make Obama a prisoner to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., turning every perk and privilege of the presidency into a sign that he is far removed from the people he is supposed to lead, especially anyone struggling in this economy.
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