December 2012

Dec 28, 2012

Possible Strike at Docks Would Cripple Key U.S. Ports, Hurt Economy

By Michael A. Fletcher and Brad Plumer, The Washington Post

Thousands of dockworkers from Baltimore to Houston are threatening to go on strike Sunday over their pay, a move that could throttle an array of key ports and disrupt commerce at a critical juncture for the economy.

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Gay Republicans Take Out Ad Criticizing Hagel

By Helene Cooper, The New York Times

The White House may not be making any more announcements about President Obama’s new national security team this week, but that hasn’t stopped the anti-Chuck Hagel drumbeat.

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Obama Summons Congressional Leaders for ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Talks

By Lori Montgomery and Rosalind S. Helderman, The Washington Post

President Obama summoned congressional leaders to a Friday summit at the White House in a last-ditch effort to protect taxpayers, unemployed workers and the fragile U.S. recovery from severe austerity measures set to hit in just four days.

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Clock Ticks on a Deal Deadline

With Eamon Javers, CNBC

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Cliff Talks Down to the Wire

By Janet Hook and Carol E. Lee, Wall Street Journal

Congress and the White House took small steps toward breaking the budget impasse Thursday, but Democrats and Republicans grew increasingly fearful they won't be able to avert the tax increases and spending cuts known as the fiscal cliff, a prospect that is unnerving consumers and investors.

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Dec 27, 2012

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi Signs Constitution, Reaches Out to Critics – but No Sale

By Nancy A. Youssef, McClatchy Newspapers

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi enacted a newly passed divisive constitution Wednesday even as he attempted to reach out to opponents in his most conciliatory remarks since voters began considering the document.

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Home Prices Rose Over Past Year, Another Sign that Market is Recovering

By Michael A. Fletcher, Washington Post

Home prices saw solid gains over the past year, according to a new report Wednesday, adding to the evidence that the housing market turned a corner in 2012, even in the hardest-hit parts of the country.

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On ‘Fiscal Cliff,’ Obama and Senators Returning to Washington for One Last Attempt at deal

By Lori Montgomery and Paul Kane, The Washington Post

With historic tax increases set to hit virtually every American in five days, President Obama and members of the Senate are headed back to Washington on Thursday to take one last shot at a deal to protect taxpayers and the gathering economic recovery.

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Debt Ceiling Nears as Budget Talks Stymied

By Janet Hook and Damian Paletta, Wall Street Journal

The Treasury Department said Wednesday the government would hit its legal borrowing limit by Monday, setting in motion emergency measures to keep the government operating for several more weeks and serving as a reminder that the nation's budget wrangling could continue well into 2013.

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Obama, Senators to Discuss Budget Moves

By Alexis Simendinger, Real Clear Politics

Ending his holiday break early, President Obama expects to be back at the White House by midday Thursday to search with senators for an escape hatch to avert more than $500 billion in tax hikes and automatic spending reductions that take effect next week should Washington fail to act.

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Fiscal Cliff Just Days Away

With John Harwood, CNBC

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Dec 26, 2012

After Benghazi, Reassessing Risk

By Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times

Soon — perhaps very soon — the Syrian government of Bashar Assad will fall. On that day, and for months after, Damascus will probably be a disorderly and dangerous place, a risky place for American diplomats to be.

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