January 2013

Jan 31, 2013

Nuclear Test Could Open Window on North Korea

By David E. Sanger and Thomas Shanker, The New York Times

The world is warning North Korea against going ahead with its third nuclear test, but inside the American intelligence community, some officials are quietly hoping it happens. A test could give them their first real view in years into whether the North has made significant progress toward a weapon that could threaten the United States or its allies.

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John Kerry Bids Farewell to U.S. Senate

By Susan Davis, USA Today

Sen. John Kerry bid farewell to the U.S. Senate on Wednesday, reflecting on a 28-year tenure that began on a wave of anti-war activism, included a failed 2004 presidential run and will begin a new chapter as the nation's top diplomat on Friday.

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As Sequestration Looms, Contractors Don’t Fret

By Jim Tankersley, The Washington Post

The next few months could look even scarier than the last few for defense contractors already battered by federal budget cuts, thanks to the threat of automatic reductions looming in March. But industry executives had a surprising message for shareholders this week: Don’t worry about it.

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Why Labor Has Learned to Love Immigration Reform

By Beth Reinhard, National Journal

When President Obama delivered a major speech trumpeting immigration reform from Las Vegas earlier this week, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka sat in the front row, right in front of the podium.

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Rubio's Moment

By John Dickerson, Slate Magazine

Sen. Marco Rubio is having a moment. He’s a charismatic senator from a battleground state whose Cuban heritage and support for immigration reform are helping his party begin a new courtship with Hispanic voters. This much we know. But Rubio is exploiting an opportunity that goes beyond simply good timing and the right last name. He is getting the chance to be first at bat in a larger effort: the post-election audition for GOP leadership. Of all the would-be Republican stars—and the list is long and likely to grow—Rubio is getting a chance to show exactly what it looks like to move the party in a new direction.

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Is the U.S. Economy About to Take Off?

With David Wessel, Wall Street Journal

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Jan 30, 2013

Immigration Plan Could be Long-Term Boon to GOP

By Susan Davis and Martha T. Moore, USA Today

A renewed bipartisan push to rewrite U.S. immigration laws presents Republicans with their clearest opportunity to make up lost ground with one of the fastest growing forces in American politics.

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Is Washington Getting Less Dysfunctional?

By Molly Ball, The Atlantic

Don't look now, but things are actually getting done in Washington, D.C.

Witness the last month: We didn't go over the fiscal cliff. We averted (at least for the moment) a debt-ceiling standoff. On Monday, Congress passed, with barely any drama, aid for victims of Hurricane Sandy. And the bipartisan push for comprehensive immigration reform seems to be going awfully well.


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Immigration reform's new fans

By Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times

Can Republicans find a way out of the political dead end they marched into during the 2012 campaign? Can President Obama make his second term more productive than the final gridlocked years of his first? Can Democrats and Republicans in Congress relearn the forgotten art of compromise after years of angry polarization?

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Obama Starts Push for Immigration Reform

By Christi Parsons and Kathleen Hennessey, Los Angeles Times

President Obama flew to this once-red state, turned blue largely by the votes of Latinos, to launch an effort to overhaul the nation's immigration laws. But in doing so, he carefully avoided ultimatums that might disrupt bipartisan talks underway in the Senate and House.

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Obama Presses Congress on Immigration Reform

By Alexis Simendinger, Real Clear Politics

President Obama used a speech in Las Vegas on Tuesday to urge Congress to move swiftly this year -- after decades of false starts -- to repair what he called America’s “broken” immigration system.

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Jan 29, 2013

Rep. Ryan: I Think Sequester Will Happen

With John Harwood, CNBC

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