January 2013

Jan 29, 2013

Obama's Permanent Campaign: Can He Use His Reelection Playbook to Change Washington?

By Molly Ball, The Atlantic

A week ago, President Obama launched his second term with a set of lofty goals -- climate change legislation, immigration reform, and gun control among them.

Around the same time, Obama's former campaign apparatus announced it would morph into a new group called Organizing for Action, a nonprofit group to promote Obama's policy goals.

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Marco Rubio Evolved on Immigration Reform

By Beth Reinhard, National Journal

rizona Sen. John McCain partnered with liberal Democrat Ted Kennedy in 2005 to offer illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship, then allied with border security hardliners during a tough 2010 Republican primary. "Complete the danged fence," McCain cracked in a widely publicized television spot.

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Immigration Plan Could be Long-Term Boon to GOP

By Susan Davis and Martha T. Moore, USA Today

A renewed bipartisan push to rewrite U.S. immigration laws presents Republicans with their clearest opportunity to make up lost ground with one of the fastest growing forces in American politics.

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Obama to Begin Immigration Reform Push in Nevada

By Alexis Simendinger, Real Clear Politics

President Obama on Tuesday will ask American workers, employers, lawmakers, and interest groups to help enact a new immigration system this year that would grant undocumented immigrants an earned path to U.S. citizenship.

The kickoff of Obama’s public campaign for reform, which the president postponed until his second term, will take place in Las Vegas a day after a key, bipartisan group of senators launched a push for immigration changes that Obama hopes can lead to action in the House.


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Jan 28, 2013

The Fed’s Profits: The Other Side of QE

By Greg Ip, Economist

Ever since the Federal Reserve first started buying up financial assets back in 2008, some have fretted about taxpayer exposure. The private debt purchased by the Fed to prop up the financial system might sour. The government bonds it has bought with newly created money, a strategy dubbed “quantitative easing” (QE), could fall in value if interest rates rose.

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Immigration Debate Gears Up

By Laura Meckler, Wall Street Journal

Millions of illegal immigrants would be given a path to citizenship under provisions of an immigration overhaul fashioned by a bipartisan group of senators, an opening shot in what promises to be a fight in Congress this year.

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Can Obama Make History on Immigration?

By Fawn Johnson, National Journal

This is actually happening. That’s the viewpoint of Capitol Hill aides, lobbyists, advocates, and politicians who have been involved in the immigration debate for 10, 20, and in some cases 30 years. They are psyched. They are scared. They are sober.

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Obama Focuses on Status Quo, Not Left, in Battle With G.O.P.

By John Harwood, The New York Times

For all the talk that President Obama has shifted leftward, much of his early second-term energy seeks simply to preserve the status quo.

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Before a Departure, a Rare Joint Interview

By Peter Baker, The New York Times

They sat side by side, trading laughs and finishing each other’s thoughts. Five years ago, the very prospect of such a moment would have been “improbable,” as one of them put it.

But now as the improbable partnership between President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton winds down with her pending departure from the cabinet, the two rivals-turned-allies sent a public signal of solidarity on Sunday — at a time when one has run his last election and the other is contemplating one more.

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Jan 25, 2013

North Korea Threatens More Nuclear Tests, Warns U.S.

With Martha Raddatz, ABC News

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G.O.P. Mulls a Strategy From Obama’s Playbook

By Jeff Zeleny, The New York Times

As Republican leaders gathered here on Thursday to consider how to rebuild their party, President Obama was at the center of the conversation. But the sharp criticism directed at him was replaced by something new: envy over his campaign.

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One Tough-Talking Nerd: Bobby Jindal Brands Himself as Republican Reformer

By Beth Reinhard, National Journal

The speech Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal gave Thursday to a gathering of Republican party leaders, released in advance by his office, was organized by Roman numerals. I. America is not Washington. II. How we win the argument. III. How we win the election. IV. Conclusion. Jindal's delivery resembled that of a nervous student rushing through an oral recitation of a term paper. The audience was as distracted as a room of high school classmates.

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