June 2014

Jun 26, 2014

Use of Drones for Killings Risks a War Without End, Panel Concludes in Report

By Mark Mazzetti, The New York Times

The Obama administration’s embrace of targeted killings using armed drones risks putting the United States on a “slippery slope” into perpetual war and sets a dangerous precedent for lethal operations that other countries might adopt in the future, according to a report by a bipartisan panel that includes several former senior intelligence and military officials.

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How the Fate of One Holy Site Could Plunge Iraq Back into Civil War

By Michael Crowley, TIME Magazine

When Secretary of State John Kerry visited Baghdad on Monday, he arrived in a city bracing for war with the brutal fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), who have taken control of Iraq’s north and west.

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Supreme Court Narrows President's Recess Appointment Power

By Pete Williams, NBC News

The US Supreme Court today limited a president's power to make recess appointments when the White House and the Senate are controlled by opposite parties, scaling back a presidential authority as old as the republic.

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Jun 25, 2014

Congrats, America. You have less economic opportunity than you did in 1970

By Jim Tankersley and Jeff Guo, The Washington Post

Americans today have more social and educational opportunity than they did 40 years ago -- but they have less economic opportunity, thanks to a bruising recession and the alarming economic trends that preceded it.

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Wendy Davis' Texas-sized battle

With Gloria Borger, CNN

One year after her filibuster against an anti-abortion bill and a meteoric rise to the national stage, Wendy Davis is fighting her most recent battle, an uphill fight to be Texas' next governor. CNN's Gloria Borger profiles the rising Democratic star.

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Doubting Putin, Obama Prepares to Add Pressure

By Peter Baker, The New York Times

The Obama administration has drawn up plans to escalate sanctions against Russia by targeting its financial, energy and defense industries, but faces resistance from European allies hoping to avoid a broader economic clash with Moscow that would hurt their own businesses.

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The Tea Party Blew It

By Molly Ball, The Atlantic

Tuesday's Republican primaries were the Tea Party's last chance. And the Tea Party struck out.

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GOP's Sen. Cochran defeats tea party challenger

With John Harwood, CNBC

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Cops Need Warrant to Search Cellphones, Court Rules

By Pete Williams, NBC News

In a sweeping decision in favor of digital privacy, the Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that police almost always need a warrant to search a person’s cellphone, even in the case of someone placed under arrest.

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Jun 24, 2014

Crying Poor

By John Dickerson, Slate Magazine

On Monday morning, at a White House summit on policies to help working families, Vice President Joe Biden reflected on his wealth. He said that while he wore a “mildly expensive suit” and was vice president of the United States of America, he didn’t own a stock or a bond, and as a senator, was the poorest member of the club. This bit is a longstanding part of Biden’s shtick, but was interpreted—most loudly by the Republican National Committee—as a dig at possible presidential rival Hillary Clinton. The former secretary of state has been having trouble talking about her considerable wealth, ever since she described herself as “dead broke” upon leaving the White House.

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Day after Kerry praised Egyptian leader, court gives 7 years to jailed journalists

By Nancy A. Youssef, McClatchy Newspapers

On Sunday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry visited Cairo, where he voiced strong support for the Egyptian government, saying he believed Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi would bring about democratic reforms.

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Terrorists Team Up in Syria to Build Next Generation of Bombs

By Mike Levine, Pierre Thomas, and Jack Date, ABC News

An alliance has been building inside war-ravaged Syria, with al Qaeda-linked terrorists there now working alongside hardened operatives from the prolific al Qaeda affiliate in Yemen to develop a new generation of bombs that could be smuggled aboard commercial planes, ABC News has learned.

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