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Hotline Spotlight: The Forest For The Trees

Inside-the-Beltway analysts, ourselves included, are obsessed with the money game. Every time the DCCC or NRCC reports its monthly numbers, it's another measurement of a party's poise, power and prowess. But, it turns out, everyone got the story very wrong.

Posted: Monday, October 11, 2010 - 4:20pm

Republicans Turn Outsourcing Attack Against Dems

In a reversal of roles, Republicans are attacking Democrats for supporting policies that would outsource jobs overseas and, in particular, to China.

Posted: Monday, October 11, 2010 - 2:53pm

Imagining What Could Have Been In The Florida Senate Race

It's a little soon to get nostalgic about the '10 election cycle, but in Florida's Senate race, it's easy to see what the end result will most likely be, and what could have been.

The race had the potential to be the most exciting race of the year. Its themes nicely sum up the '10 midterms -- an insurgent Tea Party candidate, an incumbent Republican felled by moderate tendencies, Pres. Obama's purple-state toxicity, party switches, a solid-but-never-stellar Democratic candidate.

Posted: Monday, October 11, 2010 - 1:02pm

Manchin Fires Away At Cap And Trade, Health Care

If there was doubt in the minds of West Virginians that Gov. Joe Manchin isn't your typical Democrat, he sought to remove it with an ad on Monday that looks like one a conservative Republican would run in the deep South.

In the ad, which begins running statewide in West Virginia on Monday, Manchin carries a rifle and literally fires away at the Democrats' signature cap and trade energy legislation.

"I'll take on Washington and this Administration to get the federal government off of our backs and out of our pockets," Manchin says.

Posted: Monday, October 11, 2010 - 10:24am

NRCC Spends $8M On Ads

Updated, 2:17 p.m.

The NRCC has spent nearly $8M on TV ads this week, signaling its intent to put away vulnerable Democrats before the DCCC goes into districts to try to help them.

In sum, the NRCC has spent $7.8M on ads in more than 50 districts this week. The ad buys are significant because this is the last week where the NRCC will largely have the airwaves to itself. The DCCC has reserved the majority of its resources for ads in the final two week of the campaign, allowing it to tactically pick where to spend.

Posted: Monday, October 11, 2010 - 9:07am

Starting Lineup: Hail Mary Time

Happy Columbus Day and welcome back to the Starting Lineup. What we at The Hotline are watching today: Yet another two previously safe Democrats now appear to be vulnerable; the White House's attack on third party groups hits a speed bump but the DCCC amplifies the attack; Russ Feingold (D) faces off against Ron Johnson (R) again, this time with some new ammo; intensity ramps up in West Virginia; the wheels come off for Paladino and Pres. Obama heads to Florida.

Posted: Monday, October 11, 2010 - 8:05am

Thanksgiving In Hanoi

HANOI - In many ways this week's ASEAN Defense Ministers' Meeting Plus Eight in Vietnam is reason to celebrate, like Thanksgiving dinner for a far-flung and fractious family. Bring defense ministers from around Asia together with their counterparts from Australia, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand,

Posted: Monday, October 11, 2010 - 12:00am

U.S. Commandos May Have Killed British Aid Worker

KABUL, Afghanistan -- The U.S. military launched a formal investigation today into the failed attempt to rescue kidnapped British aid worker Linda Norgrove amid indications that she may have accidentally been killed by American troops rather than by her Taliban captors.Norgrove, who had been the

Posted: Monday, October 11, 2010 - 12:00am

What We Learned: Sending In The Big Dog

What we at The Hotline took away from this week:

Posted: Sunday, October 10, 2010 - 12:32pm

Kirk Stays On Offense In First Illinois Senate Debate

Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL) and Illinois Treas. Alexi Giannoulias (D) clashed in their first Senate debate on Sunday, meeting in a venue befitting a race with national implications - NBC's "Meet the Press."

The race has been intensely negative so far, with Giannoulias' Broadway Bank issues and Kirk's past misstatements on his military record dominating the back and forth between the campaigns. Sunday's debate was no different, as both sides hit each other on those themes.

Posted: Sunday, October 10, 2010 - 11:51am