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NAB: Anti-Fee Resolution Gains More Support

The National Association of Broadcasters Friday touted the newest congressional supporters of a resolution opposing a bill that would require AM and FM radio stations to pay performers a fee for playing their music on the radio. The latest lawmakers to sign on in support of the House resolution are House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman emeritus John Dingell, D-Mich., and Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., NAB said in a statement. Their support brings the total number of House supporters of the resolution to 258, well above the number needed for it to pass.

Posted: Friday, March 12, 2010 - 11:55am

Thune To Hit Campaign Trail

Sen. John Thune (R-SD) is venturing outside his state and workplace on Monday to campaign with a House GOP candidate in bellwether MO.

Thune is heading to St. Louis Monday -- not even a full week after Pres. Obama was there talking health care -- to campaign with Rep. Russ Carnahan's (D) challenger, atty Ed Martin.

Posted: Friday, March 12, 2010 - 11:24am

Promise Seen In Open Government Contests

The White House's push for agencies to dangle prize money in front of the public to solve the government's problems should jump-start creativity, according to some information technology contractors. The White House late Monday released a memorandum explaining how agencies can legally coordinate contests to solicit ideas for using technology to modernize government, reported.

Posted: Friday, March 12, 2010 - 11:14am

Brown, Boxer Under 50

If the GOP is going to retake the Senate, they need to beat Sen. Barbara Boxer (D). According to a new poll for the liberal DailyKos website, that possibility isn't entirely out of the question.

The poll, conducted by independent firm Research 2000, surveyed 600 likely voters between Mar. 8-10 for a margin of error of +/- 4%. Boxer was tested against ex-Rep. Tom Campbell (R), ex-HP CEO Carly Fiorina (R) and Assemb. Chuck DeVore (R). The 3 GOPers were also tested among 400 GOP primary voters for a margin of error of +/- 5%.

Posted: Friday, March 12, 2010 - 10:49am

K Street Paradox

This week's advocacy and lobbying stories in National Journal: (subscription) "K Street Paradox:" In this week's special report on lobbying: President Obama's fight against special interests boomerangs as lobbying firms just get richer. "Q & A With Obama's Ethics Gate Keeper:" Norman Eisen, special counsel for ethics and government reform, answers the president's critics. "Top Lobbying Firms and Spenders:" A list of top lobbying firms and top spending organizations in 2009.

Posted: Friday, March 12, 2010 - 10:00am

Hotline After Dark -- Abort The Mission?

"World News" led with highway safety improvements. "Evening News" led with updates from Afghanistan. "Nightly News" led with the closing of half of Kansas City's schools.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi sat down for an interview with MSNBC's Maddow that aired on the "Rachel Maddow Show" 3/11 p.m.

Posted: Friday, March 12, 2010 - 9:34am

Conservative Group Targets Reid

From this morning's Earlybird: • "The American Future Fund, a conservative advocacy group, has placed a new $250,000 television ad buy targeting Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) over Democrats' procedural maneuvering on the health care bill," Roll Call reports. • "As lawmakers imposed another restriction Thursday on congressional earmarks, private companies and lobbyists defended their work in securing federal money for what they deemed worthy projects," the Washington Post reports.

Posted: Friday, March 12, 2010 - 9:30am

Chinese Minister Threatens Google

From this morning's Earlybird: • "A Chinese minister made the government's strongest statement yet on Google Inc.'s future in the country, warning that the U.S. Internet company 'will have to bear the consequences'" if it "follows through on its pledge to stop censoring its Chinese search site," the Wall Street Journal (subscription) reports.

Posted: Friday, March 12, 2010 - 9:30am

Friday's Starting Lineup

Good Friday morning. Best wishes to Senate Maj. Leader Harry Reid's wife and daughter, who were in a car accident yesterday, for a speedy recovery.

Here's today's Starting Lineup, previewing the people who will make headlines this grey and rainy Friday:

Posted: Friday, March 12, 2010 - 8:44am

It's Critz V. Burns In PA-12

GOP delegates have tabbed businessman Tim Burns (R) to be their nominee in the special election to fill the remainder of late-Rep. John Murtha's (D) term. He'll face ex-Murtha staffer Mark Critz (D) in the 5/18 contest.

Posted: Thursday, March 11, 2010 - 10:18pm