February 2011

PBS NewsHour: Showdown Over Bargaining Rights, State Budgets Spreads Beyond Wisconsin

February 22, 2011

Indiana lawmakers followed their Wisconsin counterparts' example by leaving the state to halt a bill that would curb the influence of labor unions. Gwen Ifill talks to reporters in New Jersey, Indiana and Ohio, where state budget deficits are going head-to-head with the collective bargaining rights of public employees.

PBS NewsHour: Gwen Ifill interviews Rand Paul

February 15, 2011

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, a co-founder of the Senate Tea Party Caucus, speaks with Gwen Ifill about President Obama's 2012 budget proposal, plus his vision for further spending cuts and bringing down the U.S. national debt.

PBS NewsHour: Cuts, Deficit Highlight 2012 Budget Blueprint, But Battles Loom in Washington

February 14, 2011

President Obama submitted his $3.7 trillion federal budget blueprint for 2012. Gwen Ifill speaks with White House Budget Director Jack Lew about the details of the budget and Judy Woodruff has the Republican reaction from Sen. Rob Portman, a member of the Senate Budget Committee and former budget director under George W. Bush.

PBS NewsHour: Political Checklist: Obama's Chamber Speech, Rumsfeld 'Re-Litigates' the Past

February 8, 2011

In this week's Political Checklist, senior correspondents Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff speak with Political Editor David Chalian about President Obama's speech to the Chamber of Commerce and whether it marks a pro-business shift for the White House. Ifill discusses Donald Rumsfeld's new memoir, "Known and Unknown," in which the former defense secretary defends his decisions while openly criticizing others in the Bush administration, including the former president. Woodruff and Ifill also preview this week's CPAC convention, which Chalian sees as the "first big cattle call" for possible GOP presidential hopefuls.