December 2013

PBS Newshour: What's the U.S. role in calming Ukraine unrest?

Now in the third week of widening unrest, Ukrainian protesters are bracing for a crackdown. Gwen Ifill talks to David Herszenhorn of The New York Times about what's going on behind the scenes and the outlook for a solution to end the civil crisis, plus how the United States has reached out to the government to urge caution.

PBS Newshour: Lead negotiator: U.S. would consider limited enrichment by Iran with conditions

A comprehensive nuclear agreement with Iran could include "limited" enrichment if the nation agrees to intrusive monitoring says Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman. Gwen Ifill talks to Sherman about what the U.S. gained in the interim deal and what could be lost if Congress imposes additional sanctions.

PBS Newshour: Examining U.S. interests in calming tensions between China and Japan

Tensions are rising between global powers China and Japan over newly declared air defense zone over disputed islands. For insight into the seriousness of the dispute and potential ramifications, Gwen Ifill talks to two former State Department officials, Kurt Campbell and Susan Shirk.


PBS Newshour: White House reports progress, but will keep up with demand?

As the December deadline for health care enrollment nears, the White House reports the online insurance exchanges are now working nearly 90 percent of the time. But problems remain for insurers trying to access enrollment data. Gwen Ifill gets an update from Mary Agnes Carey of Kaiser Health News and John Engates of RackSpace.