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Jonathan Swan

Jonathan Swan is the national political reporter for Axios, covering the White House and Republican leaders on Capitol Hill.

Swan previously served as national political reporter for The Hill. He covered the 2016 presidential campaign, focusing on the Republican side and on donors and campaign finance.

Shortly before the election, Politico named Swan one of its "16 breakout media stars" of the presidential campaign. The article said he rattled both Republicans and Democrats with stories such as the one about the Trump campaign illegally soliciting foreign donations. He’s also had plenty of scoops from inside Cruz’s inner circle and about internal machinations of Breitbart’s war on Paul Ryan.

Before moving to the United States, Swan was a national political reporter based in Canberra for Fairfax Media and political correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald. As a member of the Herald's reporting team in the Canberra Press Gallery, Swan was presented with the Wallace Brown Award in 2014 for most outstanding young journalist, following a series of stories on politicians' misuse of money that resulted in the Prime Minister changing government policy.

Swan was the Australian selected in 2014 for the American Political Science Association (APSA) Congressional Fellowship. It involved moving to the United States for a yearlong political fellowship, during which he served on a congressional staff before returning to political journalism in 2015.

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  • Axios
    January 17, 2018
    Steve Bannon, who was inside the White House when FBI Director James Comey was fired and has strong opinions about what happened, "intends to fully cooperate with Mueller," according to a source familiar with Bannon's thinking.
  • Axios
    January 9, 2018
    President Trump plans to visit the concrete-and-steel prototypes of his beloved border wall in San Diego after his State of the Union address on Jan. 30, sources tell Axios.
  • Axios
    January 8, 2018
    After his days of rage following the release of Michael Wolff's controversial book, President Trump spent some welcome time with his allies at Camp David.
  • Axios
    December 29, 2017
    There's an operational reshuffle coming at the top level of the White House.
  • Axios
    December 28, 2017
    Members of Robert Mueller's team have begun reaching out to former Republican National Committee staff who were familiar with the digital operations of the Trump campaign, according to a source with knowledge of the outreach.
  • Axios
    November 28, 2017
    Mick Mulvaney, named by President Trump as Acting Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is listed in that role on the CFPB website. He also sits atop the organizational chart on the site.
  • The week ahead for Trump and Congress
    November 27, 2017
    The Senate: All eyes are on the upper chamber this week, as senators race to pass their tax cuts bill.
  • Axios
    November 20, 2017
    If Mitch McConnell's schedule goes to plan, the week after Thanksgiving the Senate Majority Leader will confirm his ninth federal judge. That would beat President Reagan's eight in his first year — the most in recent history.
  • Axios
    November 15, 2017
    Ivanka Trump achieved her goal in the modified tax bill: an expanded $2,000 child tax credit. She has been lobbying members of Congress for months to get this done; and in the end faced relatively little determined opposition.
  • Axios
    November 13, 2017
    Obviously this could change. Nothing is solidified.
  • Axios
    November 11, 2017
    Rex Tillerson on Friday about Saudi Arabia's ostensible anti-corruption purge, according to a State Department pool report: "My own view is that it does, it raises a few concerns until we see more clearly how these particular individuals ar
  • Trump to Democrats: the tax plan is bad for me
    November 8, 2017
    When Trump rang in, Cohn put him on speaker. The president said the tax bill was awful for rich people, and repeated a line he has used about his accountant telling him it's a bad bill for him.
  • Axios
    November 7, 2017
    The White House learned a tough lesson during its failed effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act — they can't rely on only Republicans to pass a bill.
  • Axios
    November 6, 2017
    The jury could reach a decision any day now, and the case looms large over the Senate. Nobody in the leadership of either party will reveal anything about their plans to deal with this highly sensitive and explosive matter.
  • Axios
    November 2, 2017
    Upon his ascension to White House chief of staff, Gen. John Kelly was widely viewed as a moderating force for the Trump administration.
  • Axios
    November 1, 2017
    As President Trump prepares to travel to Asia later this week, he has ordered many of his top officials to stay back and campaign for tax reform around America:
  • Axios
    October 30, 2017
    House Republicans in charge of tax reform face a hellish few days before they finally release their bill on Wednesday.
  • Axios
    October 25, 2017
    Flake was dead. Everybody knew it, including Republican leadership and the NRSC. The public polls showed he was going to lose badly to Kelli Ward and I'm told the internal polling wasn't much better.
  • Axios
    October 23, 2017
    ISIS lost its Syrian capital, Raqqa, last week. Trump issued a congratulatory statement; but we've not seen any George W. Bush-style "Mission Accomplished" speeches.
  • Axios
    October 20, 2017
    Cornyn — a member of Senate leadership who has a strong say over the floor schedule — has made it clear that Vought will be held up until he gets more funding for Texas' hurricane relief, according to three sources close to the situation.
  • Axios
    October 18, 2017
    Mitch McConnell told Senate Republicans yesterday at their lunch that he planned to keep them working more Fridays and weekends, according to one source in the room and another briefed on his remarks.
  • Axios
    October 17, 2017
    A group of Midwestern Republican senators are meeting Tuesday with EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to express their concerns about the agency's recent moves on ethanol, according to a spokesman for Sen. Grassley.
  • Axios
    October 12, 2017
    A Republican House leader on trade gave a full-throated defense of the U.S.-Korean trade deal on Wednesday, as anxiety rises in Washington that President Trump is on course to sink the deal.
  • Axios
    October 11, 2017
    The Trump administration will present controversial proposals for NAFTA negotiations that are expected to attract vehement opposition from Congress, large sections of the U.S.
  • Axios
    October 10, 2017
    As we head into the fall's legislative fights and the new year, we'll be watching President Trump's deep frustration with the Senate in general and Mitch McConnell in particular.
  • Axios
    October 7, 2017
    The president's call shows he may be open to future deals with Democratic leaders, in the mold of the "Chuck and Nancy" agreements on the debt limit and immigration that he struck in September.
  • Axios
    October 5, 2017
    After NBC News reported that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had to be talked out of resigning and had called President Trump a "moron," the administration pushback has been superficially unified: Trump, Tillerson, and Vice President Mike
  • Axios
    October 3, 2017
    President Trump may say he's a defender of gun ownership rights, but with all the gun control pressure he'll be under after Las Vegas, how do we know he'll resist it — especially after the debt limit deal with Chuck Schumer and Nancy P
  • Axios
    October 2, 2017
    Plenty of world leaders think the president is crazy — and he seems to view that madman reputation as an asset. The downsides are obvious: the rhetoric can unnerve allies and has the potential to provoke enemies into needless, unintended war.
  • Axios
    September 28, 2017
    A nexus of anti-establishment figures plans to replicate the Roy Moore playbook across the country, backing insurgent candidates in 2018 GOP primaries and making life uncomfortable for Republican leaders in Washington.
  • Axios
    September 26, 2017
    Steve Bannon went — as Steve Bannon might say — "buck wild" inside a barn in Fairhope, Alabama, last night.
  • Axios
    September 18, 2017
    The most challenging task in Washington, these days, is finding somebody who'll enthusiastically endorse Rex Tillerson. In just nine months, the Secretary of State has managed to alienate nearly every constituency that matters:
  • Axios
    September 15, 2017
    Over the past week or so, we've heard all kinds of theories from administration officials and President Trump's friends on the outside about why he's cutting deals with "Chuck and Nancy" and softening on his core issue of imm
  • Axios
    September 13, 2017
    Axios obtained the talking points the Trump administration sent to Capitol Hill this afternoon, as tax reform talks heat up. It's a window into how the President and his team will be selling their biggest legislative goal for 2017:
  • Axios
    September 12, 2017
    Steve Bannon provoked lots of chatter for telling Charlie Rose on "60 Minutes" that President Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey may have been the worst mistake in "modern political history."
  • Axios
    September 7, 2017
    President Trump handed Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer the deal of the century this morning.
  • Axios
    September 6, 2017
    Steve Bannon met with Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows on Monday afternoon at the "Breitbart Embassy" — the Capitol Hill townhouse so-named because those who work at the right-wing website like to think of themselves as the ambassadors
  • Axios
    September 5, 2017
    The chairman of a powerful group of conservative House Republicans has come out against his party's plan to use Hurricane Harvey funding to raise the debt ceiling.
  • Axios
    September 1, 2017
    The Trump administration is urging Congress to provide $5.95 billion for response and initial recovery efforts related to Hurricane Harvey, a senior administration official told Axios. Bloomberg broke the news of the requested aid package.
  • Axios
    August 31, 2017
    You won't learn anything new about the secretly-negotiated details of the Republican tax plan, when President Trump visits a manufacturing company in Springfield, Missouri.
  • Axios
    August 29, 2017
    Ambassador John Bolton, a Trump ally who has been considered for top national security posts in the administration, says he now needs to resort to publishing advice in the National Review because he can't get in to see the president under the re
  • Axios
    August 28, 2017
    There's a ticking problem with Rex Tillerson, and it's growing louder by the day, according to officials inside and close to the White House.
  • Axios
    August 21, 2017
    President Trump heads to Arizona Tuesday for a visit to the border and a campaign-style rally in Phoenix.
  • Axios
    August 16, 2017
    Hope Hicks is expected to take over the duties of the White House communications director on an interim basis, per a source familiar with the arrangements.
  • Axios
    August 7, 2017
    Chicago is taking the Justice Department to court.