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ISIS’ Attack on Ramadi Just Upended U.S. War Plans

April 16, 2015
Nancy Youssef | The Daily Beast
ISIS is reportedly marching on the key Iraqi city of Ramadi—upending the momentum the U.S.-led military coalition seemed to have just days ago, and threatening to shatter an already delicate recent power shift that both the U.S. and Iraq hoped to exploit.
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Iraqi PM to appeal to U.S. for more firepower and support against Islamic State

April 13, 2015
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is heading to Washington to ask President Obama for weapons and other support to fight the Islamic State. Special correspondent Jane Arraf, reporting from Baghdad, joins Gwen Ifill to discuss Abadi’s requests and the counterattack against the Islamic State’s strongholds in Anbar province.
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Is the news from Iraq getting better?

April 14, 2015
Michael Crowley | POLITICO
There is good news in the Middle East. Or so the Obama White House would have you believe. Ahead of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s first visit with President Barack Obama on Tuesday, administration officials say they deserve more credit for progress in Iraq and the fight against militants with the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.
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ISIS Ain’t Outta Tikrit Yet

April 1, 2015
Nancy Youssef | The Daily Beast
U.S. airstrikes and Iraqi troops may soon push the terror group out of Saddam Hussein’s hometown. But the cries of victory are, for the moment, premature.
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Congress Holds on Loretta Lynch, Gallup Poll Shows Government Distrust, Hillary Clinton’s “Charm Offensive” & US Troops in Iraq

March 27, 2015
Loretta Lynch waits for confirmation, poll shows government trust is low, Hillary Clinton’s “Charm Offensive” and Iraq depends on US Troops.
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Opening New Iraq Front, U.S. Strikes ISIS in Tikrit

March 26, 2015
Peter Baker, Rod Nordland | The New York Times
American warplanes began airstrikes against Islamic State positions in Tikrit late Wednesday, finally joining a stalled offensive to retake the Iraqi city as American officials sought to seize the initiative from Iran, which had taken a major role in directing the operation.
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Iran might attack American troops in Iraq, U.S. officials fear

March 25, 2015
Michael Crowley | POLITICO
As negotiations on a possible nuclear deal approach a March 31 deadline, U.S. officials are increasingly alarmed about Iran’s expanding military presence in Iraq — and the threat it may pose to American soldiers in the country.
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For USA in Tikrit, Hope Is The Only Plan

March 16, 2015
Nancy Youssef | The Daily Beast
The U.S. has no real options if the Shiites forces, backed by Iran, decide to go on a killing spree against Sunnis in Saddam Hussein’s hometown.
Gwen's NewsHour Reports

Tikrit is ‘huge test’ for Iraq’s fight against Islamic State

March 12, 2015
Heavy fighting continued in the Iraqi city of Tikrit, as Iraqi forces and militias moved in on the Islamic State group. Meanwhile, 25 Iraqi soldiers were killed in a friendly fire incident involving an aircraft from the U.S.-led coalition against the militants. Gwen Ifill gets an update on both stories from special correspondent Jane Arraf in Iraq.
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