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Trump eyes China sanctions while seeking its help on North Korea

August 14, 2017
Peter Baker, Jane Perlez | The New York Times
In a diplomatic gamble, President Trump is seeking to enlist China as a peacemaker in the bristling nuclear-edged dispute with North Korea at the very moment he plans to ratchet up conflict with Beijing over trade issues that have animated his political rise.
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Trump administration using sanctions to change North Korea's behavior

June 30, 2017
John Harwood, Ylan Mui | CNBC
CNBC's John Harwood and Ylan Mui report the highlights of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin's comments on sanctions against a Chinese bank and individuals for facilitating financial transactions for North Korea.
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Ex-CIA officer charged with spying for China

June 23, 2017
Josh Gerstein | POLITICO
Kevin Mallory, 60, was arrested by the FBI at his home in Leesburg, Virginia, on Thursday and brought to federal court in Alexandria to face preliminary charges of espionage and lying to federal officers.
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Tillerson And Mattis Say China Needs To Do More Than “Try” On North Korea

June 22, 2017
Nancy Youssef, John Hudson | BuzzFeed
The secretaries of state and defense had tougher words than their boss following a meeting with their Chinese counterparts in Washington on Wednesday.
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US administration excited about trade policies after China agreement, says Mnuchin

May 12, 2017
Ylan Mui, Sam Meredith | CNBC
U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin emphasized the Trump administration's excitement after the U.S. and China announced a series of trade measures aimed at improving the trade balance between Washington and Beijing.
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No, Not Everything Is About North Korea

April 19, 2017
Nancy Youssef | Buzzfeed News
The White House wants the world to think bombings in Syria and Afghanistan and the deployment of an aircraft carrier were all about North Korea. Is that cover for a lack of policy?
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China Warns of ‘Storm Clouds Gathering’ in U.S.-North Korea Standoff

April 15, 2017
Gerry Mullany, Chris Buckley, David Sanger | The New York Times
China warned on Friday that tensions on the Korean Peninsula could spin out of control, as North Korea said it could test a nuclear weapon at any time and a United States naval group neared the peninsula — an American effort to sow doubt in Pyongyang over how President Trump might respond.
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Trump Rips U.S.-Russia Relations, Opens Up to China

April 13, 2017
Alexis Simendinger | Real Clear Politics
President Trump and his top international advisers assailed President Vladimir Putin Wednesday, describing U.S.-Russia relations as hovering at an “all-time low.”
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