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Climate Change

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As the E.U. falls apart, North American leaders seek unity in Ottawa Wednesday

June 29, 2016
Juliet Eilperin | The Washington Post
At a time when European integration is faltering, North American leaders are hoping to signal Wednesday that their continent’s economies and citizens are becoming more tightly knit.
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U.S., Canada and Mexico vow to get half their electricity from clean power by 2025

June 28, 2016
Juliet Eilperin | The Washington Post
The leaders of the United States, Canada and Mexico will pledge on Wednesday that by 2025 half of their overall electricity generation will come from clean power sources, according to administration officials.
Supreme Court
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Obama v. Supreme Court

February 11, 2016
Josh Gerstein | POLITICO
The court's stay of a climate-change rule leaves the president's environmental legacy in limbo until after he leaves office.
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Republican Presidential Field Tilts Rightward on Climate Change

January 16, 2016
Amy Harder, Beth Reinhard | The Wall Street Journal
Marco Rubio faces attacks over past support for cap-and-trade, and several rivals have moved to the right on climate change
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Biggest Surprises of 2015 & Star Wars Storm Troopers Invade the White House

December 18, 2015
Donald Trump, energy accomplishments and a functioning government. Plus, Star Wars mania.
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A Climate Deal, 6 Fateful Years in the Making

December 14, 2015
Coral Davenport | The New York Times
It took almost two weeks for negotiators from 195 countries to finally pass the landmark climate accord this weekend after several espresso-fueled all-nighters and long, passionate debates over the meaning of a single word, such as “shall.”
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Nations on the Brink of a Landmark Climate Accord in Paris

December 12, 2015
Coral Davenport | The New York Times
Representatives of 195 countries were on the brink of reaching a landmark climate accord that would, for the first time, commit nearly every country to lowering planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions to help stave off the most drastic effects of climate change.
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Making terrorism link, Obama says climate instability can lead to ‘dangerous’ ideology

December 5, 2015
Juliet Eilperin | The Washington Post
Dismissing criticism from Republicans such as Donald Trump, President Obama said in an interview that future instability stemming from climate change can lead to "dangerous" ideologies.
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