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Vladimir Putin
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Is Obama destroying the Russian economy?

December 17, 2014
Michael Crowley | Politico
Speaking at a Moscow event in early October, Russian President Vladimir Putin sounded cocky about the sanctions imposed on his country by Washington and its European allies. The penalties, Putin said, were “utter silliness” that would only hurt Western businesses.

The Backstory: 25 Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall

November 10, 2014
Former Washington Post Moscow Bureau Chief and current New York Times White House Correspondent Peter Baker reflects on the fall of the wall in 1989 and the current state of the East/West divide. As Baker argues, the wall is now virtual and has shifted east to Ukraine where "divisions we thought were ending 25 years ago have reared their head again." As tensions rise between the United States and Russia over Ukraine, are we seeing a new Cold War emerge?
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Witness to History: Reporters Recall the Berlin Wall’s Fall

November 10, 2014
Michael Duffy | TIME Magazine
Something was about to happen. But, 25 years ago, it wasn’t clear just what that would be.
Vladimir Putin
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Putin Winning the Battle But Losing the War, Polish Envoy Says

October 21, 2014
Indira Lakshmanan | Bloomberg News
Russian President Vladimir Putin may have the upper hand in the Ukraine conflict now, but he’ll pay a price for his actions in time, “destroying his own personal reputation and Russia’s,” Poland’s ambassador to Washington said.

NATO Summit & U.S. Strategy to Combat ISIL and Contain Ukraine-Russia Crisis

September 5, 2014
Ukraine-Russia Crisis, U.S. Strategy Against ISIL After Another Journalist Killed
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NATO Approves New Reaction Force for Eastern Europe

September 5, 2014
Helene Cooper, Steven Erlanger and Stephen Castle | The New York Times
NATO on Friday approved plans for a 4,000-person rapid reaction force headquartered in eastern Europe, aimed at reassuring members near Russia unnerved by its military actions in the Ukraine conflict that the principle of collective defense remains sacrosanct.
Russian President Vladimir Putin
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U.S. and Europe Are Struggling With Response to a Bold Russia

September 3, 2014
Peter Baker, Steven Erlanger | The New York Times
American and European officials are struggling to devise a response as Russia bears down on Ukraine, searching for new measures that will have more impact than the economic sanctions imposed so far, without risking major damage to their own industries or a military escalation that could spiral out of control.
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Obama Urges Calm in Face of Crises in Ukraine and Syria

August 29, 2014
| The New York Times
President Obama confronted a pair of volatile international crises with restraint on Thursday as he said he was not close to authorizing airstrikes against Islamic extremists in Syria and played down the latest escalation of Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine.

Islamic State threat; Russia-Ukraine crisis; American Companies Flee Taxes, Midterm Election Preview

August 29, 2014
Ukraine Crisis, ISIL Threat, Burger King Deal, Midterm Election Preview
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