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Michelle Obama hits the campaign trail, candidates' health takes center stage and voters ask "Is America still great?"

September 16, 2016
First Lady is an effective surrogate for Hillary Clinton and pessimism is "deeply ingrained" with many Americans
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Details of Syria Pact Widen Rift Between John Kerry and Pentagon

September 14, 2016
Helene Cooper, David Sanger | The New York Times
The agreement that Secretary of State John Kerry announced with Russia to reduce the killing in Syria has widened an increasingly public divide between Mr. Kerry and Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter, who has deep reservations about the plan for American and Russian forces to jointly target terrorist groups.
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Clinton Calls Trump’s Praise for Putin ‘Astonishing’ Display

September 9, 2016
Jennifer Epstein, Margaret Talev | Bloomberg
Democratic nominee says Trump ‘trash-talked’ U.S. generals & Trump campaign decries ‘desperate attacks’ by Clinton
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On Final Asia Trip, Obama Faces Tests to U.S. Power

September 8, 2016
Carol Lee | The Wall Street Journal
One of President Barack Obama’s final turns on the international stage before leaving office spotlighted how some world leaders are testing the limits of U.S. power just months before a new American administration.
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Top secret committee tasked with studying Russian hacks ahead of election

August 31, 2016
Pete Williams | NBC
The Foreign Denial and Deception Committee is said to be examining recent alleged cyberattacks by the Russians. This comes after U.S. officials say Russian hackers failed to hack into Arizona’s online voter registration system.
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Donald Trump Calls Comments About Russia and Clinton Emails ‘Sarcastic’

July 29, 2016
Ashley Parker, Maggie Haberman | The New York Times
Facing a torrent of criticism over his comments seeming to condone the hacking of Hillary Clinton’s emails by Russian intelligence services, Donald J. Trump and his allies on Thursday sought to tamp down his remarks, with Mr. Trump saying he was simply being “sarcastic.”
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‘DNC Hacker’ Unmasked: He Really Works for Russia, Researchers Say

July 27, 2016
Nancy Youssef, Shane Harris | The Daily Beast
The hacker who claims to have stolen emails from the Democratic National Committee and provided them to WikiLeaks is actually an agent of the Russian government and part of an orchestrated attempt to influence U.S. media coverage surrounding the presidential election, a security research group concluded on Tuesday.
Vladamir Putin
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As Democrats Gather, a Russian Subplot Raises Intrigue

July 25, 2016
David Sanger, Nicole Perlroth | The New York Times
An unusual question is capturing the attention of cyberspecialists, Russia experts and Democratic Party leaders in Philadelphia: Is Vladimir V. Putin trying to meddle in the American presidential election? Until Friday, that charge, with its eerie suggestion of a Kremlin conspiracy to aid Donald J. Trump, has been only whispered.
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Donald Trump Sets Conditions for Defending NATO Allies Against Attack

July 21, 2016
Maggie Haberman | The New York Times
Donald J. Trump, on the eve of accepting the Republican nomination for president, said Wednesday that if he were elected, he would not pressure Turkey or other authoritarian allies about conducting purges of their political adversaries or cracking down on civil liberties. The United States, he said, has to “fix our own mess” before trying to alter the behavior of other nations.
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