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Hillary promises reset with Israel

September 10, 2015
Michael Crowley | POLITICO
Hillary Clinton's speech on Wednesday shook a clenched fist at Iran. But it was also a warm embrace of another country: Israel.
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U.S. Defense Secretary Visits Israel to Soothe Ally After Iran Nuclear Deal

July 21, 2015
| The New York Times
The Obama administration opened its Middle East reassurance tour on Monday with the secretary of defense, Ashton B. Carter, promising Israeli officials that the United States would remain vigilant in trying to combat what he called “Iran’s malign influence” in the region despite the nuclear deal struck last week between Tehran and six world powers.
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100 Beheadings, 6 Months

June 18, 2015
Nancy Youssef | The Daily Beast
Why the Saudi Kingdom Is on an Execution Spree
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Obama Looks at Adding Bases and Troops in Iraq, to Fight ISIS

June 12, 2015
Peter Baker, Helene Cooper, Michael Gordon | The New York Times
President Obama is open to expanding the American military footprint in Iraq with a network of bases and possibly hundreds of additional troops to support Iraqi security forces in their fight against the Islamic State, White House officials said on Thursday.
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Mafia-Like Islamic State Taxes and Extorts Like a Drug Cartel

June 10, 2015
Indira Lakshmanan | Bloomberg
In the last year, a once-obscure extremist group has overrun some of Iraq’s major cities, seized control of oil wells, industries and banks and emerged as the world’s richest and most feared terrorist force.
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Obama raises possibility of allowing U.N. vote on Palestinian statehood

June 3, 2015
Christi Parsons, Michael Memoli | Los Angeles Times
President Obama took a step toward a tougher line with Israel in an interview released Tuesday, raising the possibility that the U.S. will allow a United Nations vote on issues related to the Palestinians if the two sides make no meaningful movement toward peace.
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To fight the Islamic State, Obama joins hands with Iran's proxies

May 28, 2015
Michael Crowley | POLITICO
U.S. officials, stunned by the Islamic State’s gains, are making a risky bet on Shiite militias in Iraq.
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Mission Unstoppable

May 18, 2015
Yochi Dreazen, Sean D. Naylor | Foreign Policy
From drone strikes to prison torture, the CIA has been pulling the strings of U.S. foreign policy since 9/11.

Senate Compromises on Trade Bill, Amtrak Crash Renews Infrastructure Debate, Jeb Bush's Iraq Stumble and Obama Meets with Arab Allies

May 15, 2015
Liberal Democrats and President Obama disagree about trade, funding U.S. transportation infrastructure and Jeb Bush distances himself from George W. Bush.
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