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US Sailors Victims of Videotaped Attack in Istanbul

November 13, 2014
Martha Raddatz | ABC News
Three U.S. sailors were assaulted today by about 20 people on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey, and the assault was videotaped and then posted on the internet, the Navy said.
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Voter ID Laws, Florida's Fan Debate, Cell Phone Privacy & Operation Inherent Resolve

October 17, 2014
Supreme Court rules on voting rights and Charlie Crist's traveling fan

Obama Names Ebola Czar, Economic Recovery Anxiety, Midterm Debates and ISIS Movement

October 17, 2014
Will the new Ebola Czar help contain panic and fears about the virus?
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Crisis in Syrian City Exposes Fissure in Obama’s Anti-ISIS Coalition

October 14, 2014
Michael Crowley | TIME Magazine
A United Nations official warned Friday of a coming massacre in a Syrian town along the Turkish border as the slowly unfolding tragedy there exposed a crucial fissure within President Barack Obama’s international coalition to fight the militant group ISIS.
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Gen. Dempsey 'Fearful' ISIS Could Take Over Key Syrian City

October 8, 2014
Martha Raddatz | ABC News
The nation’s top military leader said he is concerned that ISIS could soon take the key city of Kobani located on Syria’s border with Turkey. “I am fearful that Kobani will fall,” Gen. Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told ABC News’ Martha Raddatz
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Many Missteps in Assessment of ISIS Threat

September 30, 2014
Peter Baker, Eric Schmitt | The New York Times
By late last year, classified American intelligence reports painted an increasingly ominous picture of a growing threat from Sunni extremists in Syria, according to senior intelligence and military officials. Just as worrisome, they said, were reports of deteriorating readiness and morale among troops next door in Iraq.
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Netanyahu links Islamic State, Hamas in UN speech

September 30, 2014
Hannah Allam | McClatchy News
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears to have adopted a simple strategy for deflecting international criticism of Israel’s summer offensive, which killed more 2,000 Palestinians in Gaza: Tie it all to the Islamic State.
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Use of force against Islamic State is justified, Obama tells U.N.

September 25, 2014
Kathleen Hennessey, Christi Parsons | Tribune Newspapers
President Obama emphatically defended his decision to expand the air campaign against violent extremists in the Middle East, vowing before world leaders Wednesday that he would speak “the language of force” with terrorists who threaten America and its friends around the world.
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War on Islamic State will be long and difficult, top defense officials tell Senate

September 17, 2014
Nancy Youssef | McClatchy Newspapers
In their first public briefing since President Barack Obama laid out his new strategy for defeating the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the nation’s two top defense officials on Tuesday provided few details of their plans and no guarantees of success.
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