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Right to Rise: The Role of Jeb Bush's Super PAC

August 27, 2015
With the rapid rise of outside money in political campaigns, how will the pro-Jeb Bush super PAC Right to Rise impact the 2016 race?

Day-to-Day Covering Jeb Bush's Presidential Campaign

August 26, 2015
What's it like to travel the country reporting on a presidential candidate? Gwen talks to The Washington Post's Ed O'Keefe -- who has been reporting on the Bush campaign since February -- about what it's like behind-the-scenes with the one-time Republican frontrunner.

Ten Years of The Roberts Court

July 1, 2015
As the Supreme Court wrapped up its term this week with major decisions on the Affordable Care Act, same-sex marriage, the death penalty and Congressional redistricting, Chief Justice John Roberts also marked 10 years as the leader of the nine justices. How has Chief Justice John Roberts left his mark on the Supreme Court in his first decade?

Justice Anthony Kennedy: The Decider

June 10, 2015
Justice Anthony Kennedy has developed a reputation as "the decider" of big Supreme Court cases on divisive issues from gay rights to race.

The Power of the CIA

June 2, 2015
As the United States continues its military assault against terrorist groups in the Middle East and relies more and more on drone strikes, the power of the Central Intelligence Agency in foreign policy decision making has never been greater.

The Ghost of Abraham Lincoln

April 29, 2015
With a 200-year-old building, you're bound to hear stories of strange happenings in the middle of the night, but when the building is the White House, the sightings often take on a more historical flavor. Many people believe the ghost of President Abraham Lincoln is still haunting the White House 150 years after his death. The New York Times' Peter Baker tells the story of Ronald Reagan's dog Rex who exhibited strange behavior in the Lincoln Bedroom. But was it really a ghost? "I think in some ways people might like the idea that Lincoln is still hanging around watching over us," Baker says.

Abraham Lincoln's Enduring Legacy

April 22, 2015
Abraham Lincoln is the one president all future presidents want to emulate, but while his legacy is an inspiration, it can also be a burden.

The Notorious R.B.G.

February 25, 2015
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been making headlines lately by speaking out on decisions coming from the Supreme Court and even claiming she wasn't "100% sober" when she fell asleep during President Obama's State of the Union address. Ginsburg's outspoken nature is changing the mold of the traditional aloof justice, and the 81-year-old Clinton appointee has become something of an internet phenomenon spawning t-shirts, tattoos and blogs. The leader of the Court's liberal wing has also been dubbed by her supporters "The Notorious R.B.G."

The Supreme Court Echo Chamber

January 16, 2015
A recent Reuters analysis of nearly 17,000 lawyers who have petitioned the Supreme Court with thousands of cases over the last 9 years found less than one-percent -- 66 lawyers -- have the highest success rate having their cases heard before the justices. Of that elite group of attorneys, 63 are white, 58 are men and nearly all have previously clerked for Supreme Court justices or worked in the Solicitor General's office. Reuters Legal Affairs Editor Joan Biskupic shares the Backstory of the Reuter’s investigation and what it means for the types of cases the Supreme Court decides to hear.
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