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White House targets conflict of interest?

February 23, 2015
John Harwood | CNBC
President Obama wants to toughen disclosure rules for financial advisors working with retirement money, reports CNBC's John Harwood.
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Obama’s Economic Report Focuses on Income Inequality

February 20, 2015
John Harwood | The New York Times
President Obama on Thursday stepped up his efforts to define which economic problems need urgent attention — and what kind of attention would work — if not under his administration, then the next.
Gwen's NewsHour Reports

After an election built on promises, what can Greece’s new leadership deliver?

February 17, 2015
As bailout talks continue between Greece and other EU members without clear progress, the new Greek government’s election promises seem at odds with economic reality. Gwen Ifill talks to Jacob Kirkegaard of the Peterson Institute for International Economics and journalist John Psaropoulos about the potential for a rude awakening for Greece and its new leaders.
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Republicans Court Kissinger, Instability in Yemen, Spying on Wall Street and Gov't Intervention in Hand Washing

February 6, 2015
A coup in Yemen, Henry Kissinger's influence in the 2016 race, and should the government mandate food workers wash their hands?

Fighting the Islamic State, U.S. Considers Arming Ukraine, Signs of Economic Improvement and Vaccination Politics

February 6, 2015
Jordan steps up its fight against ISIS, Russian aggression in Ukraine picks up, and the U.S. economy shows more signs of life
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Talk of Wealth Gap Prods the G.O.P. to Refocus

January 22, 2015
Ashley Parker, Jonathan Weisman | The New York Times
President Obama’s push for a new “middle-class economics” may go nowhere in Congress, but his ambitious array of proposals to raise stagnant incomes and provide more government support for struggling working families will frame his last two years in office and help make the politics of rich and poor a central issue in the campaign to succeed him.
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In State of the Union Address, Obama Is to Move Past Hardship and Reset Goals

January 20, 2015
Peter Baker | The New York Times
With the American job market surging to life, President Obama plans to use his State of the Union address on Tuesday night to effectively declare victory over the economic hard times that dominated his first six years in office and advocate using the nation’s healthier finances to tackle long-deferred issues like education and income inequality.
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Obama pushes paid sick/family leave for workers

January 16, 2015
Christi Parsons | Los Angeles Times
President Obama embarked on an effort Thursday to make paid family leave the new norm in America, using a strategy that garnered him some success last year in increasing the minimum wage for certain workers.
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Obama's Next Foray: Paid Sick Leave

January 15, 2015
Alexis Simendinger | Real Clear Politics
Ted Kennedy is gone and Iowa’s Tom Harkin retired from the Senate last year, but in their absence, President Obama on Thursday plans to echo their advocacy for paid sick leave, championed by Democratic stalwarts in Congress and by organized labor over many decades.
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