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White House budget director effectively admits tax bill doesn’t pay for itself

February 15, 2018
Molly Ball | TIME
A key White House official has acknowledged what independent economists have been saying for months: The $1.5 trillion GOP tax bill does not pay for itself.

President Trump signs new budget deal after a wild week on Wall Street

February 9, 2018
Crisis and confrontations hit Washington as the stock market fluctuated in New York this week.
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Republicans are completely reversing themselves on the deficit

February 8, 2018
Erica Werner, Damian Paletta | The Washington Post
Republican lawmakers in 2011 brought the U.S. government to the brink of default, refused to raise the debt ceiling, demanded huge spending cuts, and insisted on a constitutional amendment to balance the budget.
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Live by the Dow, Die by the Dow? Trump Is Quiet on Market

February 6, 2018
Peter Baker, Binyamin Appelbaum | The New York Times
As President Trump boasted about the economy during a speech on Monday, he left out one of his favorite lines. Nowhere did he mention the skyrocketing stock market.
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For Tax Reform to Get More Popular, Trump Needs to Get More Popular

February 2, 2018
Amy Walter | The Cook Political Report
In an interview with POLITICO’s Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer this week, Vice President Mike Pence announced an aggressive travel schedule over the next few months aimed at helping to raise money for GOP House and Senate candidates and to promote the GOP tax cut legislation.
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Trump wants to talk taxes in Davos. But the rest of the world is less enthusiastic

January 26, 2018
Ylan Mui | CNBC
The overhaul of America's tax code is being met with consternation abroad, as foreign leaders face growing pressure to slash their own tax rates and warn that key provisions in the new U.S. law could violate international treaties.
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GOP lawmakers condemn Trump’s tariff decision

January 25, 2018
Erica Werner, Heather Long, David J. Lynch | The Washington Post
Prominent Republicans warned President Trump on Wednesday against taking further trade actions that could harm American workers, even as top administration officials meeting in Davos, Switzerland, rose to the defense of the president’s “America First” rhetoric on the eve of his arrival.
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‘It’s the economy, stupid’: GOP prepares to sell tax law as its 2018 survival strategy

January 23, 2018
Michael Scherer, Karen Tumulty | The Washington Post
Republicans this fall will be hoping that Bill Clinton was right about at least one thing.
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