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Here's how Trump is trying to woo Democrats on tax reform

September 13, 2017
Ylan Mui | CNBC
President Donald Trump is ratcheting up the pressure on Democrats to support a sweeping rewrite of the nation's tax code following his surprise deal with the party's leaders to raise the debt ceiling, fund the government and fast-track hurricane relief.
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Political divisions in U.S. are widening, long-lasting, poll shows

September 6, 2017
Janet Hook | The Wall Street Journal
Divisions in America reach far beyond Washington into the nation’s culture, economy and social fabric, and the polarization began long before the rise of President Donald Trump, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey of social trends has found.
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Insuring Coastal Cities Against the Next Hurricane Harvey

September 2, 2017
Greg Ip | The Wall Street Journal
Americans don’t like being forced to buy flood coverage, but it may be the best way to protect the booming economies most at risk
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Trump's tax speech: light on substance, heavy on populism

August 31, 2017
Jonathan Swan | Axios
You won't learn anything new about the secretly-negotiated details of the Republican tax plan, when President Trump visits a manufacturing company in Springfield, Missouri.
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Republicans Plead With Trump To Get On, And Stay On, Message To Pass A Tax Overhaul

August 19, 2017
Susan Davis | NPR
Before any hard battle, it's common to seek a little spiritual guidance. In preparation for the coming fight this fall to overhaul the entire federal tax code, a group of House Republicans on the Ways and Means Committee traveled this week to Rancho del Cielo — the ranch of former President Ronald Reagan outside Santa Barbara.
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Republicans Try To Move Forward With Their Tax Overhaul Plans

August 17, 2017
Susan Davis | NPR
A group of Republicans gathered at former President Ronald Reagan's ranch in Santa Barbara, California, on Wednesday to plan for overhauling the tax system.
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The Daily 202: Congress will have 12 working days to prevent a debt default and keep the government open

August 11, 2017
James Hohmann | The Washington Post
August is supposed to be a time when Washington recharges, relaxes and refreshes. But just beyond that happy hour cocktail or beach blanket is a looming fiscal battle over funding the government and raising the debt limit.
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Uncle Sam is about to redefine which Americans are rich — again

August 8, 2017
Ylan Mui | CNBC
Whether to raise taxes on the rich is one of the thorniest issues in tax reform. Underlying that debate is an even more fundamental question: Who exactly qualifies as wealthy?
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